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Full text of "The wandring whore, numbers 1-5, 1660-1661"

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Wandriflg whore. 




AlugdaUna a Crafty Bawd, 
/Wif^U an Exquifitc Whore, 
/y^gyrww a Lafcivious Gallant/ ^ 
-And Qufman a Pimping Hc<5tor. 

Dfl^ diabolical Pratfb'fi^sf^the 

"' iCHliCK.OFFlCE. 


ff^,/i:yj^]o/ ail the Crafty "BawJs, 

Cmmon H^mes , Decoys, HeSors, and 

Tfdf fanners, and their uftul Meetings. 

FyUiibc to dcftfoy thofc poy fonous Vcrminc, which live 

upOtttbr mine and dedrui^n of many Fanilics, 

by a lite CofUcaiiBongft ihcin. 

'^'-- -.- '^: N 

Queen's University 


Special Coli. 

Professor J. A. W. Gunn, 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada 


numbers 1-5 




Published by The Rota at the University of Exeter 


/ACnif^ {^^^^ 

©The Rota, 1977 
ISBN: 904617 07 6 

The Rota is an independent, academic society, wholly supported by 
its subscribers. Its sole purpose is the publication of facsimiles of 

British tracts of the Stuart era. 

This is the eighteenth pamphlet published by The Rota. For more 

information, please contact Maurice Goldsmith or Ivan Roots at 

the University of Exeter. 

Printed in Great Britain by 
The Printing Unit of the University of Exeter 


The five numbers of the Wandring whore appeared during 1660 and 
1661. John Garfield, the publisher and probably the author, seized the 
opportunity presented by the licentiousness of the Restoration to exploit 
the reputation of Pietro Aretino's La puttante errante, notorious for its 
illustration of thirty-five erotic postures. Like most of the literature 
of this genre the Wandring whore takes a conversational form, two of 
the participants, Magdalena, the old bawd, and Julietta, a young whore, 
echoing Aretino's model. There are many other English examples. 
The crafty whore or the misery and iniquity of bawdy-houses, laid 
open in a dialogue between two subtle bawds (London, 1658), adapted 
from Aretino, provided both a precedent and a source (e.g. at Part 
II, pp. 11-12). 

Following a tradition established as early as Robert Greene's 'coney- 
catching' pamphlets of the 1590s, the Wandring whore relates anecdotes 
of roguery and includes vignettes of lascivious practices, as usual 
ostensibly describing foreign manners — Julietta is Venetian — and 
excusing itself by the pretence of exposing them. (Note the exhortation 
on the title page, the advertisements and other apologia.) The work 
abounds in Rabelaisian humour, using puns and innuendo in describing 
sexual activities, its language is thick with contemporary military and 
naval metaphor. 

As a result of the attempted suppression of prostitution at the Ref- 
ormation, mentioned by Garfield, who cites John Stow's Survey of 
London (London, 1598), whoring in England was confined to back- 
street, low-class establishments; on the continent courtesans might be 
accorded higher status. If the prices quoted here are accurate then 
the Wandring whore is somewhat up-market. Its list of streets noted 
for prostitution and brothels seems comprehensive (II, 9) and at least 
two of the women named were actually in the London trade. Damaris 
Page, 'the great bawd of the seamen' is mentioned by Pepys (Diary, 
vol. ix, ed. R. C. Latham and W. Matthews (London, 1976), p. 132 under 
25 March 1668) and Madam Cresswell was convicted in November 
1681 'after above thirty years practice of bawdry' {The Impartial prot- 
estant mercury No. 64, 29 November - 2 December, 1681. See also 

I'hc Poor-whores petition (London, 1668), and Tom Brown's Amuse- 
incnts serious and comical, ed. A. L. Hayward (London, 1927), p. 442). 

The Wandring whore elicited several contemporary responses: it 
was ridiculed by Dr. John Heydon, the author of Advice to a daughter, 
writing as Eugenius Theodidactus, The ladies champion; a supposed 
Peter Aretine, Cardinal of Rome, also noticed it. 

Few copies of the Wandring whore survive. Thomason collected 
numbers 2 to 4, which he dated 5, 12 and 19 December 1660; the Guild- 
hall Library has copies of numbers 1 to 3; the Huntington holds numbers 
1 and 5; and the Bodleian has at least number 5. Apparently the last issue 
was delayed by Garfield's imprisonment. In the Sixth part of the 
wandring whore revived (London, 1663, reputedly in the Bodleian 
but not traced) Eubulus (i.e., Garfield) says, 'I was committed to the 
Metropolitan Colledg of London [Newgate] upon a plea of trespass, 
for the non-payment of a hundred pound at the suit of one Gibson, where 

1 continued 3 months before publishing the fifth part of the Wandring- 
whore'. For this see D. Foxon, 'Libertine literature in England 1660- 
1745', Book collector, XII (1963), 26-27, n. 11. 

The Wandring whore in its turn served as a model for later works 
including John Dunton's Nightwalker (1696-97). For information about 
the genre see Foxon's article cited above and Margaret Katanka, 
Women of the underworld: a study of prostitution and women criminals 
in popular literature 1600-1700 (MA essay, University of Birmingham, 
1973). See also J. Frank, The Beginnings of the English newspaper, 
(Cambridge, Mass., 1961). 

The Rota is grateful to Dr. Katanka for much of the substance of this 
note; help has also been given by Dr. Andrew Gordon Craig, Dr. Peter 
Thomas and Mr. Donald Pennington. 

Issue no. 1 of the Wandring whore is reproduced by permission of 
the Librarian from a copy in the Guildhall Library, London, shelf-mark 
A. 1.1. no. 56; it has been cropped close, set in a larger sheet of paper 
and some of the running heads have been carefully drawn in. Issues 

2 to 4 are reproduced from copies in the Thomason collection by per- 
mission of the Trustees of the British Library, shelf-marks E. 1053 
(3, 8), E. 1054 (1). Issue no. 5 is reproduced by permission of the 
Huntington Library, San Marino, California, shelf-mark 145626; some of 
its pages have been cropped but the running titles and page numbers 
appear correctly in the Bodleian copy. 


Wandrjifls; whore. 



MagJalena a Crafty Bawd, 
fultttts an Exquifitc Whore, 
/y4Bii'i^;i a Lafcivious Gallant/ - 
And ^i</w4« a Pimping He<ftor. . 

I^ifewcfing^hcir diabolical Pratflifts^it the 
^*' tHliCK.OFFlCE. 


fPi(f^,4 /^/^,X;(>/ ^//vAf 6^4/ij SW/, 

Cmmon fV'mes , Vecojs, HeUors, and 
Traffdnners, and their u/tLil Meetings. 

Pohiiibtto dcftroythofc poyfonous Vcrminc, which live 

upeotbc ruiiK and dcftruaion of many Families, 

by a late CorvYcnamongft ihcin. 


Courteous Reader, 

\Ake notice , That the Tuhfilher 
hereof hath not intended ihcje Dia^ 
logues, for the encouragement of l^ice 
and Vrofanenefi , although fome dtfhreL 
Ixfhinz f^ff^g^^ <^ ^^t:ur , according to 
their language^ Vfhich cannot btomitttd • 
hut to iijcmjer the petjons , i»bo h{e Spi^ 
derSp Vhttch allopportutiitiesfor trappan^ 
ning , oi hath been difqovered by a Ute 
Converfant amongjl them. 

'J ^i'^ • '■ ' 


Jl/4^irf/. /-T-V His full appcauncc of our Companions 
I fets mcallon fire, to talk a little bavr- 
A dcry and drollery amongft them ; Firft, 
tolliow the ufc of the Strummuloor 
Mcrk'n. Sfcondiy , The convcnicncy ot Spun^cs, 
Thudlv , To have the Italian Padlock abolifticd. 
Fouithly, The Scorch- fpuicxtifparcd. Fifthly, The 
fcvcral P« fturcs of I ancirg, Backwards, Forwards, 
and every wiy difcovcrcd and introd; ccd amongft us 
•Wiih more Freedom. Sixtfviy, all advantagious dc- 
ykes, fuUiltjc< , p-adifcs and Pi inciplcs encouraged 
aad ftiidly obfcivfd. Seventhly, The care of the 
heoch p 'X and pcrillous infirmity of burning remc- 
dycd , tor enc'.cafcof the greater number of Clarify'd 
*Waichc3. ti^hiMy^For pi (jvidinp a common flock 
'anllLtNerwi toi tabby Gowni^ carnaOion Petticoats, 
iolland hnocks filk fti>ekiriS, :icii gir;ers and white 
fkooes, foroui w.ndeiers. Ninthly , for l>rmging in 
all ih.c piofirablc Vcrctian C ftonis and Ci^rrr zans 
adiont amopoft i s. Trnihly, 7 hit what Hafturds and 
B>- blows f-11 out amcmiili us, may be j rcfaved for 
fen of nriitwtll^ Nev-prtfcn^ or Tjlarn, the t\'.o 
common Pit falls ot carelcUobfcrvcrs. 

fuliatd. M©(f cxqu li e M^on , we all lubmit to 
vour voice, and woids, as the mfalhbie Oracle, and 
' A 2 i"^« 

A The t^/iifiiinMg^P^^' 

niI«o/Pf«tof ^of U».t«waHrrbf |TfHbiiibth*ff for 

ray own ptf t , whrcm you ctJihmand «e to demon- 
ftratc concerning oor Cuftoms in riftice^ 1 Qiall readi- 
ly acquaint you with th«m. 

M^gddtn. I <ioubt not your ability or (Confidence 
thetcin, but Imuft dirfft my intfn.^cd difcourfc to 
(;*/«M* our Hcdof , and conlcr wuh you afterwards, 
in the oKin while gtvc ear, with the rtnof the Siftcf- 
hood, toouf difcomfcs and plcadinos, ind for you, 
^cnio: CuJmdM^ I cxpc(ft your judgcmerir and advice 
epon the preceding obfciVJtions , dcLvered in your 


CMjmdtt. 1 tell you plainly that ever fincelwara 
Loorc-Iiv*rofgimcfterinthcS(Jhoolo1r<'j»«ri,I ncter 
read aor he rd ot ten fuchcxidi precepts propofed by 
any pcrfon, and wherein I can be fcrwceablc , either in 
advice or id^ions , it Aull be my ftady , «nd endeavor 
to icc^mpl lib your Intents and porpoi'es, therefore tor 
fuch as hive loft their hiir off their commodities : I do 
conclude itrcceffary for thera to hive a falfftrummulo 
or roe r kin ; for fiicb as fear the french Pox or pcnlous 
iafirvity of bumine , I advifc not to da the bofincfs 
without fpiAges: tne jealous Italian padlock fs impro- 
per for pcrfons of your pcofcflion: the fcotch fpur tkrc 
no octd of amongft you, bein^ forward enough with- 
out (bfm : the fevcral poftures are ncceifaryjbecaufe aH 
men do »oc aUtA one and the fame ridings And for 
Encow agmems aoxs^ft us, luiorioos feeding, laiovl- 
ousadions, wanton get* arcs, fine and clean Linen, Hol- 
land Srootkj, with good ouifides arc the chieftfl prtx- 
focathres in thofe praAifet : tht french Poi is notfeng 
imoogft Ftica^s , (hcrciore No Care, no Mony^ (titi 


fh€ tVdndrtng vrhore. 

oiucrquiry after ihc father , for I fancy not the com- 
irfuccincnt in Bttdctveloi Newgate^ for fuchveiil 
offences, whcli in termer days have been tolerated by 
our P:eHeccffors,andat this day by our neighbors. 

MMgJdUn How , tolerated by our PrcGCCcfTors^ I 
never I card that before, wh^t Author did you findc 
that inrtlligercc in 1 I muft deal plainly with you, I 
carwoi belcevc any (uch thing remamcs upon Record. 

CufmJn. 1 will quickly convince you ot your error, 
or ignorance, for in the 557 [)igeo( UfidtHfpelii^ yon 
may read how the Bordd or Stew-houfes were privi- 
ledg'd for the repair of incortinent men & women, by 
thcfupream Governors, whciein is obfervablethefc or- 
ders amongft the Stew holders : That no fingle woman 
fbould take mony of any man for lying with her , ex- 
cept (he lay with htm all night till the morrow ; That 
no Stew-holder ftjould keep a fingle woman in his 
houfe. that hid the perilous infirmity of borniog, with 
di?erle others : where note, there wa^ the Cln$k for the 
imprifoning fuch as abufed thofe houfcs , and neer ad- 
ioynpg, 3 place peculiar to them called the //;»^/rfP*- 
mdns ckurch-jArd^ wherein they were buryed , if they 
did not repertof their fir.ful life : /* nd tbefc allowed 
houfes, fai thefe fevcral figns painted on the fronts of 
their walls towards the Th^csa Bdres-heni,xhc Cnfs- 
kejet , the C»», the CdjUe^thc Crane, Cdrdifuls Hit, 

thclr4f,thc 5ir4#&c. 

i/j#i«/<#. Senior ^•/«»-'^, our bdovcd Friend, ind 


val ant Hf^orjyofryrfirpiipftjal in yoOi ohOerrjtioos, 
that 1 mi ft , aoddoSM^^fbu, and ihcretor^dcflrc 
againftournexrmcctrng, thatfufhof their orders K 
artomitfrd,raty bcTcvrvcd and rchcarfcd amongfl as, 
fort^ fatisJa^Hon f)f thcfc Gentlewomen, and whit 
may be deemed profirablc amongft us , pia^ifed , tc- 
fclvmgfrom the Pouhcrers wives crycs, Nomi»j,no 
Ceitf-^ 1 Cunny being the dcreft piece of flcfli iQ the 
whole world , wirncls /rr|} Foth(rtngh4msC,\m(.k- 
office, where upon fight thereof, Frencri Dorars,Span- 
iKb Piftols, Enghfti Ifalf-crowns arc as plcnrifully 
pour'd in, as rhc Rhcniih wine was into the Durcn 
W€flches two heiti nil (he roat'd again, as (^e wis 
ihowing tricb upon her heail wirh niked buuock? an^ 
fprcad le^s ma round ung, like thofc at wrcftling 
nfcr the Hal^crcmn-chuck-olfice, call'd J^^k 4 Mcm- 
kirrUsfix windmiSt. 

GMjm40, I aflbfc yoo flic that hjd the half Qovms 
chackciQiohcrComodJty, hajdlclTcr harm than ihc 
Rheniih wine Wench , for itj oi a (icarimg and fcarch- 
mg Quality, difiTefiflg frt)m thatSnct was poured in OQ 
one fide by ftcft Collies 3s rrifs. ftrhertHPtMrnt, and 
^k t our on rhtothtr , whjcb is a new talliioncd Cup 
tor roirm^ boyes ro dnnV in. 

J^'jf^T' ^^^^^^.^'^ad "i^l more then ever I 
2^j;lTir»,r'''* °^,^"^,y« i have fccn miny^ 
S^^ li "T'"^' thi. one that wncom«)it. 

tWflHbp, orfFidiDg a CiDdlc ui hci Comocity , anJ 


drinking healths over the licad .irunk party, til the mcr- 
ciltfs Cjftdlefir'd kr Fur buih qrircawiy, ihc flame 
whereof was quickly a.-iatcd by drawing a codpiece 
engine^ and giving htnwoor three Coolers. 

Cufmdn, One ofthc ma 'deft tricks, thatevcrlfaw 
a(f^cd , was this (t)ut not in a dnmkcn lurnor , at fjch 
are when they drink ft. and back , thcrou}\h'ou Ma- 
dams j^rrocks till ihcy drop again) upon i handlom 
neat Clcun skin'd Girl ihat was ternbly ^^eppci'd v\nih 
hcrdsof CrabbliccCas v fiblein f crtayl as Clove? m 
agammonof Baconj whofc torment was locxcecdinf' 
gi cat, that an intimate Friend of hers difcovertdlicr 
diftcmper, aixi wih much pirfwafions and inti canes 
made her hearken to the iTie;incs and rcmcdus foHo\f- 
isg ^ whereupon he took her and ty'd Iver up naked at 
ihcbtds feet by the middle like a monkey, and light- 
ing • pipe of Tobacco gave thofc mafy-fooied ver- 
min Carifing from mbrcd Lechery) fuch a rout at her 
Cinque ports, bv ihruftmg in the fmall end of h s pipe 
into OfK f>ole, then into the other, blowing the fmoKe 
U ibc other end of his Pipe, that they never durft ven- 
ture to inhabit thofc Contincnrsiince. Buttoaddto 
this fTolick,the fcnokc occafioned fuch a fquirt,that the 
heat and fury thereof fcilJed this Gcntlcmans beard 
deer away from his chin, far worfe then hoc QBodlins; 
fiftcc which mifchaftce he could never cndarc peeping 
io wenches Affeholes, left the next bout, they fhould 
pifs his eyes out. 

LMd^ddUg, If there is apiece ofRogurry in trc 
world , tb#u haft it to t-tKBiHil« hrcdih , which is juft 
ihc fame pvoportipi^at NarfoMr-bndg, where (9 many 
pifTcnficri croud and thruft to eater one after another. 

CHfman. That's the place uhvre 1500 rikc-mcn 
were rouicd and put to the norft on'. ,the nnvcs where- 
of cameof . tru.h from D^r,hrk : Bu; whu s yoiiT ufu- 
il way to dclu -c i-ni entice yong mcn,an J coakcs them 
of ihtirmonyiiiii affections. 

jsuga^tfn. Here's none but are oU beaten ^oj-ii^s 
at ihacTport, andaseafy with ihcm as pifling back- 
wards, andrhat is onely drying their fl )\vcrs tupo;¥- 
dcr, and then giving itin poflet Drin^ , and it bus d- 
fcdually., another way is to take the largeit and 
founded Nurmcg tv'd inaftring, and thruftuptobc 
foimcly lojk't and pickl'd in tlic.r Wl ib-bob for 3 or 
4 nights together, which being grated into a Cup of 
Ale with a toaft , intoxicates the bcauti'ul to doat on 
the moft dcfornned •, bat this iDuft be fpokcn under 
the Rofe,for fear the too frequent prating hereof (hodld 
bring us to deferved punifhfnent for unliwftil prtWfc5. 
CufwAn. Mcihirks OMs^ddlens you have tyr d mc 
out of breath.pray take to tadc lulietu the nnroft beauti- 
ful piece in City, Court, or Country, (or were fhc noc 
fo, (he were not fit tdlct l^er loving KindiK^ come 
downfooltcn-, 1 wi'l not fay (in the pernicious gib- 
bcrifh of deformed Cullender facd, rubify d and car- 
bunded tacc$)bea whore, for Whores are ever the 
pleafanccfland handibmcft,if not^fho^^omcO. 
MdfddUn, Tis 110 great mtrtcrfcif who! Com : Mcyny'^ 
good for ihewtoHom'swhatiay y^fdkiu^ will 
you be free to be a whore under me, I wfll warrant you 
CBftomers, and conftint Cotttradciof goldand filvcr^ 
: JWirr/i. I atn anwtikAfCd be* tfhorc tmder vou, 

iHit wdaanaWe«dA»fBciciitlrilii, Utt, and ever 

Msgdden. I am glad to hc:r yc u Wc-<. a o;j bMir^ 
Critick, youlfic my Icve lor noli Ov^^ 
profit ; I know you J now as veil whcicroftklv apric^ 
to make fkih fwcl I , asc'reaHiuchcr triii^hrby luiic'y 
Fridfiu : 1 would ta^n knew the taa.iorohhc Italian 
Padlock , which makes fo many I ortft women sgiinfl. 
their wills , tnd remit our further dilcouiic to ihc next 

fMltetts. The Italiin Padlock , are made of Iron, 
Sccelaiid filvcr, gilt over , fometimcs covered wih 
Plufh or Velvet , which goes quite round their lips, 
athin plate going between their Legs 1 ke aCullindcr 
or Grate to pifs thorough , cverthc.r Whib bobs the 
Lock bangs faftncd under their fmocksnccr the groin 
of the back , and nerer opened but whce 1 cr husband 
hath a mind to play t game at Tick-tack , as yuUa» 
did mxYi F'<0m . 

frdMfipn, 'Tisnotthc firft time I hsvc hada Gul 
ofyoHfchufing, 'fayth , let me give herhanfel, you 
koowIamiTery handfom-body'd man in the face, 
and let her try whether an Italian or a French P- — 
is longeft, and bed plcafmg. 

lid^ddUn. Scinlor Gu^mdn , cordu(f^ them into my 
Bed-chambtr, furnifh them with gooJ Wnc and To- 
bacco, for I know fi*. will fmof e a pipe, and then tols 
his Pike % («c they want no attendance nor a Chamber- 
pot, ibil'WWfttheonepifres, the other my hold the 

Pot. .,, 

CufmsM. An excellent way to raife lechery : I \ull at- 
tend my Cuftomers, and mind try trad:. 

UHigddltn, Dear Sirters, I muft low dirc^mv pre- 
(cnt thoughts and words to your ^'^^^^''^'^^^^^''^ 

conclude till our next opportimuy of rr.ceting, wherc- 
i^yoii-i^Tkbe more peculiarly conccind tlitn ar en's 
prclC^:J^y.*'^v'ce thereto! c to yo J ( ha: k?cp Djn- 
* dn&^dhrHiH) to keep handfom l.k.-iy ili ippm^ W.<Q- 
ifes^lh/fi'illl throw their Lc^^ over men* !je:.Uii,atvi 
ihow all for nothing, alway^in rcaciinefs , arvd^ojd 
clothes on their backV© have tliebe tcrjpiice f.^r vhcir 
Commodities : Foryou that wan.-^er throu^IivCU'^- 
yJi/^, the #/i ^ xchA»it^C'»mhii.d.ViA.hcA^n W,/f«a</, 
let your tcndczj-'ouzbc ibmrti tic jt Mrs. .^dU<«/,ia 
L^g- dH^^ i\\c£nl^ in MoK^fiiUj^t Mrp. 
fm4s's;.b\xt ufc not chat cuHooB.otpiG^nngiinfrts^poqlj- 
cts whjlA they jQft gioping y^ur ^Uckf t* icvp^pftcf^;. 
and if you arc in tbc rewi lowasiis fUit-JkbCit^ M«^. 
Simffttun Rsm-AAf ,wiU (umiOiyou vtuh fit ipotn^^o 
do thrbufinis ia. I know ii>ry€>ur pate FrV//, you (ipvc 
much Cudom, and For Wenches and gCk(HiiUqghti>Qrs 
continualfupply from the WhMt^Cj^fifs^ the l^4ik4^ 
frentUe^Khc 5Ai^,withiKerclt of the row; fory.ouiMfS.. 
Crtjwel at the upper end of MMrfitUs ui iivUiCkfAUyjl 
hear you admit of very few but Cuiaei^s, atni^Qiti^Mgs 
wtves , whofe Piaurcs you ktfep ifiK^diiKrs (qr y^Mf 
beft Cuftomcrsto chufeoiJ,aQd trade, wit^b* 4ad ;)K)u 
Doaor Slurljt wife in GM^itm-sM^s in jlc. Jf#«4/is, 
you ought not ro bc;i wbone /and twud itp yogcovwn 
diughtcr, a»dprefcrv«r,wd,«KW«iMP\iXaw«Mp|$^ 
Mis. Ci»r«//, and Maty iMmHtHdiifi f^iff^^ifi^^mii^l 
Coirt without Bifhtpf.^ste ^ and 5». Im/;»^,;iftd 
Jmt Or-»^^ and ;^i^^5^^im*,4t>X)#v-irA4(^^ilI 

foc^ : forthef^ftoftheA^i»Qr. WuSh^^s 


The yVdndrin^ vphore. 1 1 

Bdl-Ringcr with a plaiftcr'd Piaure will content yen, 

yourmony'sas good as any others there, a^idtor this 
time I bid you all adieu. 

Cnfmdm, MAgdAlena^ Mounfuur FrdHciiH dcfird 
to^cak with you as foonas you had difpatcht your 
female fociety, I ftood pimping and peeping at their 
door, lilll beard the bargain driven betwixt them, 
2MdfBli4ttd toenhaanfe the price of her Comodity, 
perfwaded him no man-kinde had either fccn or tele 
her ware fmce her arrival in Erf^U»J, he give her forty 
{hillirgs, and i gold ring bcfet with diamonds, betore 
they went tot r, tor the told him, for whoies and Hack- 
ney Jades, their hire muft be payd betore tlricing them, 
fi) that by that time his reckoning is payd tor , the 
joycs in his pocket will leave quarrtlling. 

Uiigd^ltn. If he caonocpay his Reckoning without 
ftoring, Ion uA have ofie of his Gold -Kings, Watch, 
orCloak asaplcdgc tor his Reckoning, for I will not 
trt^ Imn imich kiin^r tbett "jnlutts, \\ith whom I 
«oiiId:4pC3k ere 1 fee ht^ii, thcrctbre call her hither, foe 
ikMild (he cire a T — for hun now llic has goc hi« 
OBOOy, fte would be thought too conHnoa ^ bcfides, 
if another gallmt CuUy (houW flcp in, (he mvA be rc«- 
djpt^HokS forth to Hm alfo; bur (hesiuA lay afide her 
neny Ind tiuft to no pockets or purfc , but that wt ich 
is cii between her Legs. 

GBfmdM. I le call her inftantly , Ho , Ho, here Ak 
iOO— n wihout calling or ictding for, and (2}fd the 
HKCeofier (not hangman) a labor. 

MuM9m. You look very merry upon* t J«<,furely 
5B0O have been wd^payd , and pleated with your re- 

B 2 Ju.teUi 

II The f^t^dndnrtg n^bore. 

fulietfs. W<»t fach recreition for to hold Bat one 
twelve-month rogctNer , ! Would not chingc my oc- 
cupation to b; the lichcft C(Wimon-coimc<fc tiHW'is 

M*g^dlef$. If the trtdc were 35 conftant and certain, 
as it is prof! table, there m)uld fewer tvhorcsgotothc 
Btrhddtes and yhgima, and the trilie lelTef-in Kew-fri- 
f§H, Bridewtl, C»m^<r,ind Ne0-g4te, where nothing 
but poverty and the non-payment of Keepers fees, de 
tains them for the moft pin from their enUtgcmmt ; 
but hovr like you the Combatc upon your back and 
belly with FrsMciM * 

^Mliittd. Pa/fing well, fo; he pafv't and repafs't very 
pleafanrly, aftd was mighty tender of me ^ for left 
he Qioiild put ine to too much pain, or endanger beat- 
ing the bottom of nny bdly out , he wrapi an Ell of 
Holland neer the root o^ bit P — but 1 fnatch^ it off, 
and cool'd his courage quickly. 

MdgddltB. By Mart, FMUdn^renm^ and PrUpm^ it 
was nobly done , but did ypu pifs prefently after your 
work was over, to prevent his getting you with Childe, 
for he could not chufc but do it with a good will , on 
conceit of getting your Mayden-hcad. 

fnlietu: My Maidtn-head < He that think'a I had 
my Maiden head after thineen , hashadaknockinthe 
Cradle , and merits cutting of the Siniple5,bot I fet- 
tled on the Chiraber-pot afToon as ever he was off, till 
I made It whurra, and roar like the Tydc at I.#W#». 
Jr/ijr, to the endasgeritg the breaking of my very 
TwaiUng-ftrings with Itraining backwards, for I khow 
oo better way or remedy more (^ then piffioB pre- 
Icwiy to prevent the French Pox, fonnorhca, the pe- 

The iVdndnng ifphore. i j 

rilous infirmity of Burning , or getting with childc, 
whith is the ipprovcd niaxim amongft Vcociian Cour- 
cieis and Curtczana's. 

MAgMdUn. I remember two lufty,ftrapping, boun- 
ciog Girlcs , whofc names were LAeU and Ljcanittm^ 
each of tliem married to a bed-full of old bones , with 
which they could not be faiisfi'd , fo that LmcU coun- 
terfeits her fclf Tick, ihe old dotard prcfles her to 
know her dincmpcr, which flie told liim was occafion- 
cdlor want of ducbcnevv>lencc, I.c knowing his infur- 
fiticncy and impotency .grants her dcfircs , and by the 
hclpofa vvell-irap'c Doctor, wjsperlcd'.y cured. Ly 
cantttm went more cunningly to work, for watching 
her oportunity upon a falfc pretence, feduc d and delu- 
ded a lufty ruddy coloured iliepherd into the middle of 
a wood, where catching hold of his trap-ftick , (lie, 
(when die faw him ftiff and ftrong,and irching to be at 
hcrj laighttl.e unskilful ruftick co loofc his maiden- 
head by goidrng him to her fjncy. 

fMUtttd, Iknewapcrfon of great beauty and quali- 
ty, who whilft Die was playing agarBC at Whisk or 
Pickquet with her husband, a Gentleman got her upo« 
his ^ nee, and plaid a game at Tic k tack, on one fide of 
the table before her hasbands face, wichout being dif- 


CMAgdAlen. If that work be r^one v? irh agood will, 
'tis as cafy to d.fpatch ic, dur ng jn Bxckdngt time, as 
an Edft Im/td Voyigc,as many a Me cmn- have found 
to their foirow, yet fuchas bbvvihei hj^nson that 
point defcivc pointing at, and fuch as put ihcin in ihcir 
pockets, dcferrc pitying. 

fnmrttm. Af^^Motd (Srwi Hi your Biil of Charge, 

MA^dAlen Arc they ready (?*/)»««*/* Hnotffritc 
riifmo tin/tific)y. 

Cujmm, 1 ban them r«kJy, I rtiaH read thcn»t« 
him, uidccll hiinthc StummsTfitalg prcfcnrlf . 

/. /. d. 

IMfrmm^ foi brosching a belly unwcmmcd and on* 
beared. i-o*-o 

Item, tor MM^dsUnAs fee in the bufnefs o-io-o 

Item, for Gufmdm t {oxGlddwim rhc Hcdof s)fee o— a— tf 
Item^ for providing jBltetts wirh a fine Holland fmcck 
to make chebufricfs more amiable, which is her ottr- 
piys fee. o-io-o 

Itam^iot drcifingpafuming asd painting her ptdorc 
ai i: S: docs. o -y— o 

lum, for occupying rh« moft coorenient and doft 
boi in (be room. 0-5--^ 

//r/w, for Pint bottles of wine r-O-o 

Ittm; for Pickkd Oyfters, Anchora's , Olirci and 
Capeni^ aakc the Sack go merrily down o-ro-o 
Iftm, far fwtet Metci,Sogar-calcet, Peacfies anrf Wil- 
•«»• ey<io«^o 

l^^'^^- Ian very well («i*fid,H«fif «ofiy,mf r». 
tlwwaabocnbcfort me, betook pleafure in MCtM 

^rjpin«i|^tiHl Ilefpa>d it &fcly, there tisraadS 
tarewel ulltbe next junket- 


A List it .U Tl 
Decoys ^Hcdioi 

Crifty Biwdi 

41 the (^' Hct Oy/iic 

(Mr I. Mcve, 

Mrs. Crc(»H 

Mr J. Girrt'ih 

Mrj. Hjbb!£er 

Turl "heti in MMrfitlJs 

Mt'.kcr Bt{(r 

in. Lemm$'i 

Ntt tVhKtflon 

Mrs Cjitfft 

Mtihtr Ltckjtf 

Mti^ir Bixtir 

Mff tAdimt 

Mri. fctts 

Mrs idlmtn 


Mri. iC«"f> 

Mrs. Abigdil 

Mrs. SimiloH 

BluK ftgg 

PtStribaltjt wift 

Mrs. Demif 

Mff. aUvir 

Mru Ltve 

*» "WIUJ, 


Coounoo Whorei. 

Not LuifitH 
Mri 'Hf4diH£ 
9oij Eitnrii 
M, Mm 


s, and^Ti-appanncrs about London, 

^ff U'jrfen ' ' 

Betty I tug 

¥ Mth l'l-)te>i 


^tuj tinge 
^tr . (Jurtcs 
B'ttj LsuTcnct 
^■'s iibner 

♦^ Ti. Zfiamnd 
Mrs- Smith 
ytlTi. sptectr 
Mrs. Tivtrnef 
3(f;. !MiTttt 

:Mtt yvtiftn 
CMn Berry 
Mr:. Qrttn 
CfttnlMJl, alias ^JiT 

MiU Chiuncj 
tstiij Cex 
9iiU Htgi 
Mill ifJiTf 
^ig miliimt 
J lice Sftlmin 
V^itt Hirt 
Mill Tremiin 
Mrs. iVeHtvtr , Brtni. 
firiug-fdUr t$ ibt Offim 

Ntn Bra 

f.itf H^itt 
Bntr ftrmtr 

Hc^ors^Dcc yi,& 


r*-! Harjt 
K'll Ti\jtrv(r 
Gctff'c (,7jf^ 

Cl-iivti'!,m i^ntnut 

Let. Ljn fd(n 
J bo. i'.cin 
ThcDiifcn ■ 

innt\tti J{j)bbin 
iVil Nijh. 
Mai :Miiilttcn 
Frtnl^ 4 Hutu 
Jtti "^ncs 
Ku. QulLfori 
Vtct dt Lint 

K»httk Tirtwcr 
Th«. Hitd 
H'it. fiitntta. 
l{j)m»nt Tmmf-dUtj 

Grtn bj Htwgtu 
Htry Mifttn.rhlitr 

THE Xm.^ 

Wandring whore 




Alagdalena a Crafty Bawd, 
fulietta^n Exquifi.e VVhore, 
francion a Lalcivious G illanc, 
And (jupnan a Pimping Hecftor. 

Difcovering their diabolical Praftifcs at the 
Halfcrown C h u c k-O f f i c e. 

With a more per feS List of the narfies of the 

Crafty ^avpds ^Common IVhores^ IVanderers^ 

'Tick^'pock^ts ^ ^ight^vp allien, Decays^ 

HeUors^ Timps an^ Trappanners. 

Delivered to the Publilhcr hereof by a late Hedor, fcvcral 
deep PyctBfo, and decayed Garoeflcrc amont^ii tbeiD. 

Stne Cerere ^ ttsccht friget Fenm. 

,^>^t^1^ ^ X^W##: Printed in the Year 1660. 

'^»c^- y- 


Cufmin,^ ^Avc you any work for ihc Cetpers 
1 . ' I daughters in Katherine-rvheel hWy 
. JL J. in Bifhopfgate-iirccty ihcy cure the 
Tridfifmtis , SdtyrUfis^znd Standing- Ague infallibly, 
W\\\\2nUniverfAl MesHdne^dincin^ iibk h-jc, fiark 
naked into the bargain : In t'icir abfenc? (whiijh is fcl- 
dom) Betty Lswrence ^ thcij neighbor and Sifter in 
iniquity, will fervc the Cure, fuferingydu to whip the 
skin off her buttocks, as Wdtsi\it Hoficr (bcfidcstwo 
others) did, ondy paymg her CroWns apiece for her 
patience and puniftiment. All fiidi as arc too hot in 
the Cod- piece , may have right-cooling SKcw-wittr Ht 
the Ncw-houfe without the fcfiern by Mtor gAte , the 
vertues whereof arc choice and fingular, info much 
that it cures any of the above-mentioned diftcrapcrs, 
if you take adofe morning and evening after this man- 

RcC'pc MdmiUarum dHarMmmAniffulcs gluts ^ ventris 
tnferioris (frofe 'vulvAm) qudntitAtem ffffficie»tem^ 
fine lingudm intrd Ubra^ rem in re^ fiat e\e£ito (jr mix- 
tid (emtnis fecundum art em. 

Had this Reccit the vcrtue and quality of curing the 
rtench-poXjR unning of the Reins, filthy corrupt con- 
ftitutigns in the bodycs of our focicty, it might be put 
do^vn and received by them for the true AqudMirahiUs^ 
with which, Ihould Th§m. Ldwton in Petty -Frdnce 

A 2 but 

4 The VVandring t^hore. 

but wt(b his fKc with before a Looking ^afs . he 
niigbc leadibc hainoulre^of his crimes imprnrcd in 
his forehead » if he did not tx^Ct to ice old Nicks 

RiduTC there infttad of his own : Firft , f >r deceiving 
Ir. U$igf9m «n honcft nun and lawful I u band of an 
unchafle wife : (fcoodly, for tempting her to be a ivh >rc 
withh:m, when there is noqucftua but (he was fo 
with others, iorall ^cry'douiO ! I lore that pre rty 
black Rogues face of thine , who for her fad muft be 
cnroUcd with our (bcieTy,oi whom you may read aper- 
fed Lift of fuooes, aod Habttatioiis. 

A more Pdicd Lift of cbe Barnes of the Crafty Bauds, 

Common Whocci, Wanderers, Pick -pockets, 

N^ht- Walkers, Decoys. Hcdocs and Trap- 

ptnaersy ia aad aboot the City, and Sub- 

nbs of Lmdm. 


airt. Ctt(0d 
Mr/. Otmjh 

Turk/ hfii tn HnriUlJt 

Mmbtr B*^ 


Ml, Wh^lim 

Mr I. ^itgt 

Mnbtf Utkjtr 


Mr,. mAisms 


Mft. i 


Ottn SiuffHi 

MNr stvlfs wif* 
tUrr Ol0m 
a^iu Ltm 

Mr, fmmmi 

Mfi Tbm^ 
Mrt rU^miai 

ITirghid, gtitg u Hici 

* «7 

Crtw, wbiie^tp-llrttt 

Mrt Oiktidg, ItiUm 

Mrt Uitkirtl 

Mrt t^*IUr , rbmj\h 
' h wrbiu C^^itpel 
Mr, ThmM. i tcpwty 
fertmtit 4nditrvitei4 

Bt0tht h Huhej river 
^Mrt BuU 
Mrt Hsiffnwj 
Mrs Htftiftn 
'Thftt sugir4$nitt h 
I Gruh-fiu€» 

ShiftOfTiJt, MMithtt 

tBtni Img ^Uj 



Mn Vtvies dStUwifi 
Mrs Btrbtr^tMUimift 

in HclktTM 
Mn Hcw^rJJu Linoltu 
I. -f lU 

Moihtr Cmuj 
The Q}n rj Q aia 
^l^cki»*n iMS$ Mmt- 
Mrs Brtki, Milc-tnd 

MiTgiru Lufb * 
Mu gajlTilftn 


Mrs Ftft, Oil-firm 
•/inn frit* 

it tbt jTwmdgt 
Mi gerf Ldwtm 
diHt Hnlimrt 
Mrs Burgti 

ftice eMi 
Ntl rte 
M. s ifilUfim 

Ml MHKwd 

MtiCmht - 


fdHH uj m m d 
\in ffenet 

BA*iyJ^(fs n thgtmi 
Bitih. grd 
?-.#*, ira, iaftwm-* 

S'f Evat 

Mi L.wfM, fy Httm- Mfs^na ia Cnft4m* 
»-' Tot L4§ md Lfm » im 

Mis SiUltr 

Common W bores, Wanderers, Pick-pockm m6 
Night- walken. 

^4mfumftri Bmtffmmm * 

Mrs. iftim ',M»i*rj Hdk 

Mrs. T4v€rmr ^4>r# T>/Mi 

:Mts. SMtrtn 9UU fMt 

^ti tf^dtfm S*r hMftim 

M't Bary HMGl.^cuk 

HfA Grtu Ms Mite 

Ma. I Cbiuscj ' ■ 

MJlHb' (field 
Teg milims 
4 lice SpilmJM 
V^jte Htrt 
Mill Tremsh 
Mrs. H^drotr 

Mrs Smw 
Htn Ltngfden 
Mrs 7ff4ding 
leitf Edwirdf 
Betty H$ij 
SUil, Hm 
Mil Avfrj 
EBber QiTi 
Mrs WdfTtn 
Sar.ibCT' NitiFiUUm 
Bettf Tcng 
fdith Ci')fM 


Betty Ordnge 
htfu Cu'tei 
Betty L::urenct 
Mrs Hontr 
•^ctn $fMir$cct 
*irs. T>ijmnd 


iberUythtptgtf MrfnUHiggiu 

Mft it/pli 
Mil guy 

Mrs Amu 

Betty Bmta. 
Betty Eton 

^riMg-fJkr M t^ ofpa Bkmr and gggt. 

in chtMrmrj-Um 'agm Tbtkty^ 

ftf, 0<» ^Mri Owtm 

Hd* Bret \j>Ul9iali 


Mtf #i<niwiw 
LtntBr-l^ '■ 

JHU C^firi 
Mil BtU 

Mil 7L«(c 

Mr I FUmerftckj 

t ajtb ^fdcrttn 
Vutib tVbin 

Tbt H^Art9tnng uhore. 

M^Htffti .-'Jitit^ft: Svi^frik 

Long^hdri Mn SfmcT Eh^AkhSmitt 
M'tHnib, G'.^bfiHtt M.} Tt-frtt, Mihh M 

Mr, I bill t* 



KftdU Ktfff 
JNM R-ilh 
Betty 1^*igit 


Emlrun tbthijhfft 



Mrs C*dmtM 

Sir J) & Jtjfft ftim 

Ufil Mm (/vi mite C«t B'rffc 

iMrs fyJUfitt, alus MMt.Strtk BtfUt.t 


\Jth( B^aiKT 

fimp UtUlxnlf fttktj jf#»f ^uitn 

iVilkf: , d v^fom irtfc\ pu^^iftf |^i» ^oMthfri 

tt fam*^^ m^j^i \Mri Sfictr rw Mtbb4mt^FH^ fatma- 

M's Ptwts ' alias Br«vi/ 

VtMua miftmiUnimb Mrs Dt-mtnf 


Mn J4j 

Mrt BhUi Vinfjkvt 

Mtt Btim 4 iffibtt wift 

Mrt Tiffii 

thMit mfk Hi wtumtg- 

Mr I MtiL bfthtCitf- 
k t*h Pl4j4m\e 
Su Htdgt 
Jfm Tbtrn tt Stmiagtta 

Enfga ITtbJItrt wifi 


Mn Btwjlf 

rtnna, wift t^iUr fit. 

Mrt Vitkf^ 

Tfdtjtj mi ft 

Mn l4\Hrtm ti'bttUr 


»)4«^Kif/ aituX«6ik 
itn, t tbteiAtg 
Btitf i^'Afm 

Fur 'H»{trmMi 
SugrC iU»H'*t 

Mrt Vtdmtn 
Pfg Heigin 

Sir$b h**Jltt 

Hrt B/f1; 

H s Rtjfcl 

Mr I ^bermm 





Let. %iB:(ltM 



The VVdndringnhore. 

Hit LMWMeck.i,Jp»ib, 
mi Sifh. 

^xc\ foves 
l^it. CfuUifo^d 
Ciric, 'I{ihcit-{ilkf 
'rii'. dc uarx 

Ropin i brtwcr 
Th'. R<«i 
H.I.:M: rit 
}fut. 'tun-on. 
J 4 m "j Tr^mp-illtjf 


Gnt'.b) Hcvgite 
hi rj MdTii' I intuer 
T'itrp ^/pwiifr. 

TiJC) aHtdor 

Brovfn dCkyrHrgitnr 
1{jtford d Tro'jtr 
7bt. tUjir 
Sti Tnftri 
Hmj hitd 

I ijior the Prigg 
Lit tie Tiff J 

^imcs ut Vcg-viri 

Hopper, lytuirg-mijlc) 
IVivchtbc ^/y//a 
facl D rt-y , d Jir/^ 
H^n- l'',:llidri-:li}frj 
Fimp tiotfiyd 

¥iir KofdmudtftK^ 

^tofgc Tatl^iMs , t 

l{^ii-(ictber i tt the 

Crtokt^-hilUt it tbt 

ft-nf G lever 

Kilph ' Ifhi^gtOH, alias 
Tiiclii <'( kml 
H'ltt l^igcr 
H'iU oidUr 
Tto. hiijwiri 
C ^(ti k:3n 
^P imf :ihirmi% ■ 

Francio». Many of thcfc are new Madams to mc, 
bur old riaders'noqueftion wich others, I Ic vifitiheir 
Quarters one after another, though Tmcclipp't three 
times Over with the Pox, and fo become a Gentleman, 

but hear me Seignior (j»/»m;?, do' ft know Mrs. G 

necr the Coffec-houfe in the P oft em by More-gAttK 
there's a tearing Girl with Silver-lace upon her Hcttf- 
coataQuarteisbredth, with Lemmon-colour'd Rib- 
bins 2-la-mode-france, with Pendants in hec eares, 
neck-Licc of counterfeit pearl, and drcfs't with a Caul 
in her I. air 

CHfrnAn Know her! Thercs fcarccaBaudy-hoifc, 
whore, or Hedor in Lendin but I either know of them, 
or will kpow them, by fuch-as keep them Company, 

one of them toidmc, thacafter G^ -hiid'falil todccaj 


8 TheVFan(tringr»hof€. 

in hif own trade , his wife fct up her s by openiag her 
fore doores, and lying backwards, for fufier^oce where- 
of this Cornudo had wo (hUlinp nnd (ix-p*Dce atime 
payed by his wi^e, who ha idled the tbeonck and 
pn^ick pm withfuclj Ircc wi'l.that hyha Kcpoiihcr 
husband rcra\'ed fcve rfcn HaU-criwns for bis pare 
in oi»c d y , Sclidcs lou:c ovci-plub Ki.ocJis (he 
reckoned C0nt<a. 

frsMciiM. Had! kno-n th-sftory before-hand , I 

would never h .ve vm i! eH in her hor Low-cnuntry , 

th«iig:h (hz would have puyd me ronKv drudgery - 

for, the Cat-ey'd Cullimcr-tJc' ' Gip?v is oiiely plca- 

(inij to the eye in her t'i^k'r-np bravciv - a diftince, 

andr/>ug'»s in din he ETjr»r..ces .u th; Sun-.'iii'-nt 

Ponu^ x\ I there's rhi Go\ ji nc! . M' rhe CSucl. Oihce 

has btci far handfo'nrr, till i4w(:( h::d hcrundt» Lis 

Cure of the Pox : I vvas rold by one HBrji a Farrier 

by F$mbuT^ and d-vcilc ochrrc,that / rifs, it jod upon 

ber head with nlkcd breec h & btily whilit four Cully« 

rumprrs chuck't in fisteen Halt- crowns into her 

Comod^ty : I Fear the foul dilrafc b to deeply rooted 

in her rotten hvsband , (as appears by bis (latf fince he 

w'as at . f>feld^ ) that he will ibonly be put in the Bill 

of Mortality : to prevent which, I advifc him to enter 

Xin^s-Ufhi Hofpiral, and there make his laft Will and 

Teftamenti leaving rhe Eflate he bath got by f cols, 

Whores,and Rogues, to fomc of his own profeilioo. 

Gitpmsm. It $ a true Proverb, Cand as often feeo 
verified among(( us , as upon any other pcrfonsin the 
world,) that Ul-gotten Goods ac?er profper , and 
chough bis gettings have been inordinate , his Eipen- 
ces have over-ballanc t them , fo that his cftate will 


7 hi VV/mMng x$fmil p 

quickly be nMmbrtd, tndis (uddenl^rdiftrikHed i II 
you tancy vaiiexy of facet, Mouniirur fnmitd , vifit 
the Cherery>gar<l(n , Hatcon-wali , Blomedbury, 
Dcyry-Uflc , Dx)g and Biich vard , Fker-lMr, Turn* 
balUftrcett Roiem/iry lane, l6og Acre, Lincolm-hi< 
fields! Sphilc-h'clds, Wh(c)cr-Arc«t, Mobb-laoc,,ihc Row at the fix WindmilU, Pcaicoat- 
laiK, Dunnii fs-ally,Loi g-ally,Morc hclc^s, Chcap- 
Cdf, Cornhill, Lcadcn'hall-ftrcct, &i. Where when 
you meet with a complete luiiy Girl to your miiide,fay 
\vi;htbc witty wanton Poet; 
ttt mt thj ndkcdfArts feelwitheut li^ht 
jtndwithjwiet ffirts fr$tr4£i thcflesfip^ night, 

JFrami0M, I have rang'd thoroigii moft of tbofo 
quarters already for a freihC — for, i 

Ltvc hdth wings, And loves t§ r£nge^ 

And I Uvt tbtfe thit love to change. 


Therefore if thon canft do the bufincfs , herc^ a 
Crown, an Angel , a Pound, nay , Fi?e pounds frora 
pnre untoucht Maiden-head : for I am even furfcited 
with Citizens wives, who arc eager after 5 

Gtifmtn. I can do tfce feat tor you , plying well be* 
fore-hand, onely advifing CMA^dalenA a little, 
therefore whether will you hare a I '3Ck , brown, fiaji- 
cn, iall,(hort, flcfKicr, tbick, fat,oi lean wcnctiiotry 
your vak)r on .' 

FrAndon. I wont have her claiifi'd or pockifi 
but a pure onaid , fuch as was py d by her Mr. the J — 
in the Truckle-bed , norfuch as in bredSfend-All m 
Tbrofkiii^rtonflreet , trades with re cr the Chuck- 

B Office, 

Offic€,M»«ft hcAcJuid bttaDehiwK^^w^^hcofbr- 
cftwalk, not t)h^ia^ tcBobbrckrry #Hh his maid 
iht Tffii-talc, nor luch a ocfc^s old 54i«#f rmaid,who 
ffhilft her Mr. wooed to cw eH hue ifortiite#»«di»fon 
her guird, and called Corpofal, bidding timAtHd ofF 
wrih a Pox o^ his P^-— iahis bai^d • ♦ 

AfM^dtle)!*. Ihouhaft been pretty ptin^ual in thy 
oWcrvations as 'o the names,p<.rfons,and places where 
our ioaery and reiiMC lefoit , but t r ere are other re- 
markable pcrfons ^ fuch My «ur running -BaiKh, Kid- 
Nappe rs, your he and (he-Sk>^-4ifteFS, and yogr'foy- 
lers, who are forgotten amongft us-, rherc'»old D4w- 
rtfe Fdge has ^oc many i pouod by iiy therefore lei 
us not loofe the benefic of their Acquaintance, we may 
chance w^ buyld tHofpitil ,^t our^wn profwcoft 
atd charges, as well as (he didHoofes in RMtkliff-in^b- 


SufmM. That 1 have rea(^y for you already , which 
Khali put in rank and file ag^inft onrncxt meeting: 
For by the. aekice of one of their own fociery, 1 took a 
rough draught of them , from the ColleAors ^ift for 
Pole-mony about Dog and Bitch-yard, TBrnbtril- 
ftreer, Crcfs- lane,with oihci their Rcndezvouzcs , sou 
youfliallnotlailcfilicm, fuchas V\ ill, and Befs Cox, 
Bcij Norgate , Amy Butler ^ Peter Good jc way, and 
Tb©m. Orrel, with divers odersof whom you fhall 
fliorrly hear more in the ftrange and true Conference 
between Danirofe Page and Prifs Fotherinjrham du- 
ring their Imprifonmcnt la NewgMe , &c. With the 
maoncr of Hammonds ere^ngoi the Prick- Office at 
the Laft and Lyoa in Edft-fmiph- -field. It will be very 
proper to have an additional Lift of the names , of our 


deeped Pytmdn^askideciyed Occu{>icn, wliofe atmet 
may (^and up«>n record amoAgfl us,xs rhe BencfiAori 
inbt. BArtMtmews Htffitil , as good Extmplc&fot 
Qi\\a^,Bnt Ittfe not stt tpptrf unity which it n9w$ftrHt 
in ihc prcfence at your conftant CuHy, and deep 
Pyewin ffahciutt : His ceexh. water for a new face, 
morry ind-Cunay jrc good Coinmodities. 

/4dg4^U»d. Show hifiiHito a convenient RoofTi, and 
cnj in Mfs. Cufiid, che Durch whort: , fair /i#/4v#W, 
S.ugar C ^whoare all as gc^J Maids as anv ufcto 
be attcr thirteen anaon^^lt us, and let him make his own 
choice , ana I will have my own Price , be diligent in 
your attendance, carrying Wine and Tobacco , whc- 
th r they call or no, come he muft pay tor t, trading's 
dead and lutlc, make large improvement on t when tis 

Gufm4». Should wc once leave our old Cuftomeof 
Chcarmg, our beft Cas well as worft j CullieSi we muft 
leave ofFto live, but hang Confcicncc and honcfty, 'tis 
ablurdpoljy,di(honcft adions are proper with other 
PcrfoBs, in other places, and for our profit , diihonfty 
with Riches is honcdy , honefly with Poverty is cjif- 
honefly , all people know that to be as true as that St. 
(Vr^f^^kille-i the Dragon : they muft therefore findc 
ir, ifnotcxpedit, foi wc have devices and fubtilties 
far exceeding the Mounie anks 0;biton or Balfam, 
that were our Girles C — -as large as --atchcl C — ■ 
Gr^rwx wife who has both holes brekcn into one,, we 
can reduce thofe preternatural defers, to their P riftine 
pofturc and conftitution. 

MA^ddltn^. Thou fay ft true Gufman , beware the 
four wenches fmcll not rammifti (as all whores do) un- 

B 2 ('er 

ii 7heVVandrmg'\rhore. 

da their Armpits, or hate «nyCnbliccbr«ding there 
for fear ot difcovcring ihc lofs of thcit Maic^cn-heads, 
but ei^c ihcm InOrudions to piint, Powder, and per- 
fume their clothes and carkaffes have fine dean Hol- 
hiid-(mocks, kils with their mouths open, put their 
tongues as all wantons do, in his mouth, and fuck it, 
their Icfc hand m his Cod- piece, the right hand m his 
Pocket, commend hh Trap rtick , pluck their coats 
abore their thighes, their fmocks above their Kncrs, 
bidding him thnjft his hand to the bcft C — ^in chri- 
ftendora, tickling the Knobs thereof till they burft cue 
with laoghing, as W - the Butchers fon in the Stocks 
did HiMif Brtiks tlSc rammilh Scotch w^ore ar D — 
betmen her Legs , not forgetting that Urf»U had half 
a aoim for (hawing her Twit-iwat there , and half* 
crown for flroaking the marrow out of a mans Griftlc • 
but ftay GujmdH read the Proclamation ere yoa go, 

cnfmdn, O Yes I O Yes ! O Yes 1 Any «ian or 
woman , in Ciiy or io Country , that will fee an Ugly 
fhe-monfter of deformed (hapc, impudent and braico- 
fac*t carr age, unciril behaviour, hlthy conftitutions, 
and preternatural difpofition in her body, grindes Gin- 
ger in her a— hole blrtivixt her buitocls, and by that 
weanshjthvveakncd the retentive faculty in herpoflc- 

rors,rothcp and fother fl.Oi ftocks, Let 

all fuch as f«r rot the lofing of their Eye^fighr, come 
parinrhcir nofc, asCA-i^.vr/ tweUc Fr)Crs didatthe 
cfi n ^'" *"^°"B« t' cm , and they may have 
It of a flutt.fh uench at the fignof , H^veL an\ w.U 
a cleave^ die. o s / y 

r^'^'^t""' ^^'"^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^f ^1 «h« Heftors , and 
roirmg Tiappannas that love picking of wenches 


The VVandrinz xthort. „ 

plackctsmorcthni PocVcrs t-^'igucthc jidc unlrfj 
niccnrcrshcrnamcam^ncau?. come jMltetu v^Mn 
obfcrviriom were omitted concerning your Venetian 

piaa.firs in our firft davs dircruife,(icliver mt and ttis 
aud tory a true and brief account. 

^uhett4. Our rules amongft us, are with much 
Arielnefsoblerved , for paving an annual tribu e to the 
Sen3tc, we have as tecurc proredion as iny people in 
xhc D -Xc oi refiuf, no Tixo: impofit'on exceed- 
ing ours in quantity, and what children arc gjt in 
Baltardy amongflus, are educated at their c'^irge , if 
you ire but miadtd togo toacertiin ftately buyldirg, 
where is a grate , and on« continual/ there phccd lo 
rectivc ir in, the Pricfts have a place peculiar to them- 
fdves , for what Brats they gtt are carried elfe where, 
where oti the ourfidc of the wall , hangs a rope with a 
basket at the end on't, where they are drawn up in a 
backer, if you ring the Bell , which hangs dpfe by : if 
any Merchant , Gentleman or others, leave his flipper 
at the door , whilft he is with us , none dires to enter 
amongft us, for we baTc our Ruffians ^fuch as your 
He(5^ors ) that will tear the nations.thliCuftom s as or- 
dinaiy,is dunking in ' Ic-houfcsand Taverns ; then in 
ourp.ivate rooms . \\c hi\c the pctuteof the Italian 
padlock, Pfifr ArettBts pofturcs Curioi;fly paiited, 
with feveral beauttul pictures Mark-naked (not fuch 
Laidskips as F -- in C - at Prtis FitheriM^hAr,s) 
one holding a Chamber po[ betwixt her Legs, another 
ftriving might an(i main to enlarge the Orifice of her 
Myftcrium mignum that unfaihomed bottom, a'hird 
laughing at the large pjir of checks aaJ haanchf s ihc 
haih got,a tourth pointing at one that hath loltibc hiu 

qflfhcr WJjib-bob. aad in(te*d thereof bathahogc 
bLuk beard for her ftrumraulo or mci kin, and if any of 
our irancDD Gldes auh chc Ncaploitan difcafe , 'cis a 
cpaSfiBt goftoa to fcod ^hem^o the H^TpicaU 
tcdwTierc th7 arc clirificd before i\\tf enter upon 

MdfJ^Uns^ Your iccoanc ii rcry coacifc and com- 
plete,! hear /r^w^* call, (after his knocking) 'tis furc- 
ly for the Reckon ng« 

Irsncitn There s ten peccs to clcer all charges 
and expenccs,docsit pleafcold Mirron ^ 

O^idlMegd. Mo^ notAc frdMftiji^^ mofi heartily 
we!com> the niofi welcome gucft in tne whole world, 
what can be grafpt ivicbin my power, llull truckle. 
atjourqomaiind^for lamyo rdevocedfe^vant. 

^Mliettd. Ah marry Sifters ! this is none of your pit- 
tifulSneakesbycsand Raskalh that will offer a it urdy 
C bur eighteen pence or two Mlings, and repent 
of the buGncfs afterwards 

Gnfmdn, He came in feafon, hisinony liinfcafon, 
^•Umuiim rtrnm tfi frimam^ I ancly wiih the next 
days account may end, with fo welcome a Condufion 
as this. 

Second Days AAion. 


An Advcrtifcmcnt. 

\T\THerefis fever al of the ferfom 
concerned in thefollovfing J)ta^ 
logues ^ have thrcatned the Tuhlijher 
hereof y and ojf^ red large Sums for his 
Abpi ebcnjion , fearing the difcoipery of 
thi ir bold and impudent praQtfes and 
Chealings ; Let allperfons /^noTP the de^ 
ftgn and intent hereof y is to ront thofe Ca^ 
terpillc' f, and to give the Magiflrate no- 
tice of the vitenefs and nic^dne/s of 
their AFitons y hoping a fevere aidflriB 
Obf 'vance vpiU be ta/^n for ibetr fup^ 


THE Xm. fj 

Wandring whore 



Magdalena a Crafty Bawd^ 
fuliettaSLn Exquifuc VVhore, 
francion a La(civious Gallant, 
And Qufman a Pimping Hedtor. 

Difcovering their diabolical Pradifes at the 
Half-crown Chug k^O f f i c e. 

With an Additional hisT of tbi names of the 

Crafty ^av^ds ^Common ff^res^ ff^anderers, 

Tic\'pocl{ets , !^(ighf^T»ai\ers^ T>ec0jis, 

JHe3orj, Timps and Trapfanners. 

Delivered to the Publiihcr bcrtof by a lare Hedor, fcrcrtl 
deep P)rcflM&» tod dcaycd GnKften amoogtt tbm. 

vJiviS,- t-L. Si0t Cenre ir Bdcch$ frigit rtmm. 

Mani$n\ Printed ioche Yeac \k6Q. 

PC-I .ir #7., 





fulietts. y^-^ Omc (fmfit tesrt) wik tk$n tU^little, 
f theftrsc9me$itmeniws\m\\\h^m 

V^ thcc a pure pair of naked breafts, 
fflDOocb Bactocks , Lovely and ivory thighes whiter 
than untrod SooW^ whh the bcft rcd-lip*t C — in 
Cbriflettdimi^ fuch as Emr$f4 never fliowcd f^f^^er, 
Orttkjd Bire^t nor Helens Thtfem^whcn they cornu- 
tcd their husbands, nor at the Wraftliiig amongft the 
Dikc^d Rimdfi virgins. 

JFtAHcUn. You are huge mehy me-rhifll[s^«/^4, 
the news and fight wh^eof woild tempt a fdi/H^tC- 
pcciaily fuch a one as I am, therefore lye down dear 
heart and tnakcmy P — rife, difclofc thy curled, filver- 
colout'd turnpikes and pcrfuoj d Cabina lyes in thy 
vally fwcctcr than Violets^ t^en lead me with thy 
ifory fingers to it's fancy , where I will enrerit's Port 
with a full fpring tyde between ihy bum's riding fafe at 
Anchor within thy harbour. 

Jutiettd. lam prcpar'd r© gitrypo entrance with 
all your burden > Cwitnout fcarching you with C«/?#i»- 
h9ufc officer* s) you need no other Trdnpre but my 
;l^«,i ' • Aa ■ Frdmi$i^. 

^ The VVandring rphore. 

PfSMthtu Hike thy ffcc and kind reception, al- 

th()agh tbeefkfeytridK thereo^abite my afftdion (hf re. 
unto, then ksvedt mS my deer, — Ivcc'onc ihc bufinels 
with difcrction , and fpilt my PofTec on thy beard and 
in thy belly, with a total rout to P — and Aones. 

7W1V//4. Ihnd rather heard thee laying^ I ^vill kill 
thee with this kiadncfs , oh i how fwtet would be tk 
deaih, as onceafeeming-holy fiftcr faid when along 
t — Chyrurgtofi made her irumpind trump agaiaand 

Frsmh/f. That makes me chink of Bandy MmUis 
MemtU U^gsfluet, mdgms hmflet*f4rvM titiidt^ 

Attd thtt pleifant Froiick of a wantoo fancy, 

O h§m€ Girirwrk^ f mmp mH9t tn hi$e Mk 
gm$titt emm eg9 trnd9 rttrniu. 
O M» Girdmrp^ how fwcetly in the night 
ThouQionll with roc, whco we together fight. 

^itiiiits, I know what pleifcs me beft , an J which 
difplcafes me moft^ for lam n<»t like the old E — of 
E — C — unpentrable, or troubl'd with a narrow paf- 
fagc, bat like to LMdt. SMf$ry, who fitting in a publick 
paffage ina very good habit and lich apparrel about 
twi light, lay lameacinethe loTs of her hutband (he ne^ 
ver hid, (though chldren feveral^A kind heaned 
Gcntlemtt paffiflg by , with little importunity treated 
lier into a Tavern, where drinking two or three pints of 
Canary (be reUud bcr diihcfiurs and diftri^bgw witk 


T^he VVatidring x^hore. i 

fuch cunning and counterfeit fights snd tearcs, that he 
became a great admirer of her fpcechcs, and condoJcr 
of her pretended miferics : But the nighc drawing on, 
ftK prcift with importunity to bt gone , faying itvas 
not ufual f9r her to be out at eight of ihc < lock ; the drawes a rery fair and large Watch, telling 
and fliowing her it was not ^cven, calling for more 
Sack , fmuggling , groping ^xd hugging her between 
his aims and leggs, till fhevt y cxj^»ertly got it out of 
bis pocket withouc picfcnt di:C0vciv,and ihenrcneiv'd 
kr luit witk much importun' v to depart ^ not ifo, faid 
be, ^or I know your wani i$ oncly a chamber-pot, 
wiiich I will call for, ?nd you fl.all, J)t4r M^dim, make 
nh of, which being called ior^^vaf accordingly brought 
up by the D-^awcr, and corned by fer irto another 
rof>m,an'J made ufeofjin which interval Aic thrift both 
Watch, Key, and firing into her CommoJi.y , making 
Let return into the room . drinking S cV in apleniifu! 
manner, continued in ih^t way fo long , that going to 
enquire for his Wa' c^ ,it was n9it tft invtntut whereat 
he wasfomevy'iit altonilliedard amazed, ci ymg /ir^f# 
hurt thou h#ft gor my Waich. I bcfcech you dtxr 
lir^ leplycd this rAmmt^ wh$re ^ harbour no fuch 
ihoughr ot me, nor take me for any fuch peifon, rather 
fen J lor fo ne honeft woman or women, and fearch me 
ftark naked from top-to-toe, which was accordingly 
done, bat the cheat undifcovcred, whereat (as he could 
rot chufe) he wondered, faying for the abufe was done 
her, he would caU for a pottle more and girc it ha in 
pirt of Sttisfaft on, which was accordingly brought 
Up, but before 'twas drunk outiSiull aium betrayed <<^y 


6 The Wandfing vphore. 

goipe Dob-a-Dub-a in her C — at oine of the dock, 
wfaicDfo afBighred this female, (be confefs't her hulr, 
fearing the deviKwho hath right to them all)wtre about 
to take polTcffioiu 

Frsnciim. I remember how f$ne Hdrm^n a running 
baud , and Ndm, )k$hinfim a common whore, fcrveda 
Std Cdftdin as he walked thorough Pjecimer neer 
Smifk'/itld^vfbcTc fpving himall alcme with a large lodd 
of mony under his arm % they drew* up clofe to him, 
and ask t if he would give or take, ana pray goo J Sir 
what a clock is't, how far do you go this way ^ if you 
woo t give usa{xnt of wine , we have a pint at your 
liervicc,for I take you to be my Countryman, with fuch 
(kaffi*> thiSp they got him into a pimping-houfc, rdling 
them ibey had g«r a mm-cullj , who afToon as he was 
cmred a room he threw down hisbagg,and but^dcn of 
50 /. upon the Table before thena, drinking Sack vciy 
merrily and feeling thewhoreswhiSb bobs one ahcr 
the other , till they drove a barga n to play at heave- 
and-(hovc,a$if't had been on (hip board, liicr nning 
baud landing Centinel and doot-kcppcr to frrie 
them in cheir fporting from apprchcrifi' n and inter- 
ruption; whereupon he unhafp t his bic chfs, rook up 
her petticoares , (mock and all, falling on lu board this 
pinnace, which the baud feeing in their poftures of na- 
ked leggs and bare breeches, (he cover'd then?, ov^cr 
with her apron, pretending an ad of modtfty^ w' I'ft 
fbe fteales up to the Table , up with iht b^? , U-vr^g 
them clofe at their merriment, cleeringway •viJi rc 
Inmnu tttdliSy leaving him a C— for his Coin, ncihrf 
of which he ever fintered afier. 

The VFandring v^boye. 7 

fwUettM, There's my fifter Frdrtk r$Mlter (alias Ulls) 
Hfho div/d, arjd.pickt bV her own 3cknowlcdgiiicnr,!Urtc 
pieces of Gold out of a Cullies pocket at one tU^z 
bagg of Silver as long as her arm (almoft) at anbthcr 
clap, and for filver Hat-bands , Gold-rings, Watches 
or Rings in your Bandrt rings (he ha'stbem infallibly, 
if you have them aboot you, therefore beware of your 
Pick pocket Whores, and make much of ibchineft 

Frdn(i$n, Well , Cncc wc hare enrrcd upon thcfc 
difcourlcs, bid Gufmdn bring ap a Qnart of Sack with a 
di(h of Anchoras, and then wec'l proceed, further, and 
I Ic tell you how C§ck Chdimhers lately fcrvcd a puny 
Brewers Clark as he was wandering in the fields for 
that purpofc : (he cait her eyes upon him, he, back to- 
wards her, (he fpeaks to him he accepts of her,and into 
ahoufe(fitfor their pwpofe acer the Windmills) they 
entred (wn h Dick fdrtwrigkt her friend and Hc<ftor,af- 
ler her three husbands who ire now Hying) (b that 
whilft he was pying her , (he pickt fix Pounds in a can- 
vafebagg out of his pocket, leaving him under pre- 
tence of piffing, a pledge for the reckoning, returning to 
her conAant rendezvouz oyer againfl Uoirgdte , where 
fhe told out the mony upon her fcarte , giving her piti- 
fnlDick a new band fa halter fud been more ( cfcivcd) 
and a pair of new (hoes for his paines in the bufi. efs; of 
Vihoit abode I what (he is , whither (he gots , or wlie 
he may light of her , this ignorant Puppy knowe' _*^ 
thing , but might of the publifher hereof. '* 

fMliettd. t^dU, Iremdin who flood tb.Ve^ ^^t 
day«> thcPiilgry,tndlay ini^r^ir-x*/rf^^pi^ ^^| 


8 7heVFandring'»bore. ' 

pockets, ind Trappanning of Mc^chants/ubrill v frrved 
a DrdfcrsmdM id Pauls-church yard , for afrcr nis p ck- 
ir.g up monies on a Samrday night, flic pick c him upia 
Chcapfidc. ffcctin| him into the Star-cavern (a fit 
hoafc tor iucn ftorics) who wh 1^ he was handiiig bis 
P — to her Placket, (he got both her hands in his 
pockets, and titer he bid <{one the bodncfs (h? catch t 
hrai} grafp't him and held up her tayl , bidding him 

Erethee lore nay-t4htle , ftay-a-littlc longer, for her 
mng kin^ncrs was coming towards him , and by that 
means h) I'd his cloy of above ten poands, a( 1 1 wards 
tivingbioi a Cockle dc-moy foi his raony , and a flip 
lor the icckoning : then there was a drunken Marrincr 
who had rcccved Threcfcorc-poandsot theOwr.crj 
of a Ship <of V.nyi.ig a Cable and Anchor , which was 
loft nA/'il- CrmmwtUi bottom :5 he was Oiyling be- 
tween Timplc-bar and Ald-g ic,to h s perpetual ruinc 
and his w: of f >rriU'^ as tor your pititul poor whores, 
fucha? B'/.. WhiitU Uttty Hum , BUck Betty , Nam 
Tsyhr^ Mdl, Kt,je^ &c. who ire feldomout o{ the -V^r- 
Jhdls mens Cm- yo /-r/^fw^/, if thcyarcpxk't upat 
night-tiinrjihty Inr.i t Ikof drinking, but going into 
a corner o> fomt 1^ ' A iv , whac t^cy wU be more 
certain (be yr^udr'unk or i'obe«-J ot pfkingyourpock- 
eis, ihcnyoofh-Ubcot finding or patting a finger in 
ihi-r pKirkfts* 

frdnchn. Come fpcak here cufmAn, bring up more 
Wine and Tobacco, bid fj^d^d^lend appear before 
■», it ihe is not over-bt v at hecold trade, and bring m 
Mn Gltver^ that I mi know whether her pituul, 
Miing , vapouring hufcband got the palfy and trcmb- 


l^he VVaniring vphore. p 

)}f)g throughout bis joynts with over- much drinking, 
or too much knocking, and ki Mrs. Snow he one of us 
(his neighbor, who keeps a couple of hanfom bdcknty 
\ides at the ftfern gate) provided IIjC haih layn-in 
(he full time cA tcr By bltw ihc had lately by a ^'"'•'.f - 
gerer fincc the dcccafe of her husband, and that £j hUw 
be put out to nurfc. 

CufmAn I hav't in my hand M$Hrtfteurt but for 
Mdgddlerid (he's hard put to't to plealc djtng Merchant 
in L— ftreet, who will not be contented wiih doing the 
bufinefs, but will have half a dozen Girles (^and ftark 
naked lound aboitaTablc whilft he lyes fnarlmg un- 
derneath as il he would bite ofFthcir whibb- bobs, and 
eat them lor his pains j another will needs fliitc in one 
ot our wtncbcs moDth's (which is odd lechery) another 
who has brought rods in his pockets for that purpofe, 
Will needs be wbip't to raifc lechery and caufe a ftanding 
P— which has oo underflandlng at all , and would 
quickly cool my courage^ a fourth would fayn be 
buggt ring fome of our wenches, if the Matron couW 
get il^eir confent , but had rather be dealing with 
Imoovh-fac'd Prentices. 

Juletfd What unfeen and unheard off Monf^crs 
^^c here amorgft you in BngUnd^ nay , in L$nd$H all of 
Vm, well might Flera Laurenti4^LedMA,zr\d FauUbt 
4nnoz'd among the Komans for down- right occupy- 
ing, but thefe arc fnch wretched prrfons. gmlty of fuch 
Wicked Anions , they arc rot fit to be nominated , 
they are furely old Devils, and jcrtg Sdhts. 

Cufmdn, They arc fuch as can pay any price for to 
fvc their wickcdncfs and appciit cs and lor the per- 

B foils 

lo The VVdndring i»hore. 

foni they have to deal with , theyi endure anv an- 
noyances, puniOimcnts or extremities to get mony by'r, 
in regard of their poverty, which together with idleoes, 
makes fo many whores and di(bone(l women amoogft 

f»litttd, I muftdeal ingeniouHy with you , iince I 
faw the laft days Lift, I admire how or which w y , fo 
many ot the leciety arc maintained by their Ltchcry, 
and yet they are but a handful in comparifon of thofe 
are yet to enter thcmfclvesamongftaN. 

Gufnun, I do not ihir.k that all my leaves i id pages 
in folio, arc able to contain them,eipcci2lly it the de- 
fdyeJoccMpiers, and Deep Pjemen (hould be put down-, 
in which particular there is no great difficulty. 

^Mlicttd^ If all their adions, names and pliers of 
abode were rcgiftred , they could not be read over in 
Centuries of yeers , as for example, how Sm. Leming 
had Tabbies, Taffatics , Scarfes, c^f. from out 2fi». 
M§fjes C»4l'fiece at the white-horfe in Pdter-nofter-rtm^ 
without paying for them , onely he had a little pying, 
and help'c to a fre(h bit in a time of need , and now and 
then a pint bottle of Sack without paying for ^ How 
BMrterpeU ihc Wood monger drunk out two Loads of 
Faggots at 'Betty LdiprfHcer^ and laftly, how the Rule 
of the Chuck office arf onclv profitable to Whores, 
He^orsand Trappanncr>. d'c, 

Frdnci$n, Well , 1 ftndc no Motions to a fecond 
Rancounrer with you, Julie'td^ therefore for this time 
let the Reckoning be plac't upon account, tell our next 
days meeting, and I wU.Lftay to hearrcad the additional 
Lift to this. ^"^> 

A Per 

'A Perfca Lift oT all the Crafty Bawds, MiUcn-ht«4- 

feUcff « OMBMMti Wliorcf, Night- witfcers, Pkk-pec|u(i^ 

Waii4ettn, Sboip>Liften. Vo)!crt,Wbtfperl,Ki4 a»|p^ 

pcrs, Deco/cfl, HeAon , Piiiips and Trappafiocri,tiid 

Crtftf Btwdi tnd 


iGrtn-titHit i'lfc mi- l7V<t '!*g4r4$tMts in 

Nbi CrtiUw imthim< Shift m lug^Uj 

ntriii lUMi, 

\Pimfjr0ptSWife f»titS.dtt^(^9C(hI*Ml 

7/ /r, Jtt^c^'itf ftMi Mr/ E4M»^ NUii(M-ft««i<' 

tt the (;tu<i Offtt \ {dUfnihtDinh'fid€ 
Mrs M4«n, m Htrl'Jhf'. "ctr N»igldtM 

*A if in Mopt'fii Ids [Mr/ Huglns, in. M^uUy 
MriFgrh, in PtffaJdKt "Ma. L m 

hGnftf-in ^U Sfn*. 

Mr/ C*Kr fnkr SUrt . Crefwd 

B«tt/ Ftrmgr,TU B«ri/. ^fx Gtrrijk 

wifiMadSdvJgcs ntkk Mfj.Hskkigtf 


Mrs IHvia 4 MiMwifi 
Mrs Btrher,4Midm^t 

ri HtlkfTB 
Mrs HtwirijM Liantv 

Titther CtUMf 

'Hmf jiUcus , wift , in TufKs te*d tn MmfitUi HUcK i»M in if Mm 

gmimmytris ' MubaBtknr 
^^«br> B*^*r tu. Lgmmnn 

L'{ nr.d MUl. UWJgrtvt Mrs. tybttjfm 

in Dig nm hk^ysri Mrs. gmgt 
Eltititr Ntrtb , in Cmft 


A^g*H UuUfn 
Gr^vcf-o'V in l40f^Us 
PruJiHt M ifkrt 

Mnhtr Lnkjtf 
Muh*r Bsutr 
Mrs. nArwnl 
Mrs. y#-w 
\Mrs snlmn 
Virginii, g*i9g f H«f^ 


Mrs BnfiSi MUtAnd 

tni lVb»ft 
Mnrgsret Lmh 
Mnrgtrf iVttftn 
Mrs P4gt,0H'Jkm ■ 
'•Ann ^riit 
H$uKjnt f 3jai P<J^rtT 

Ms*g<rj LtfHtn 

Mn Osbriig, UiUm Mrs Bnrges 
Mrs Clttbcttl 'iffnt eMi 

Mrs t^tUtr , ThmJ\in stl T*rc 

in psbiie C^sffti 
Mrs TimtM, IMfM7 

KU\,nbitb Htrbtrtfms, inCrfw, white'<mf''llr€et 4iict Hnl>>un 
Nets-m.rkrt ...... . j..^ .. ^ 

CriH HiUmi 


Ha H*rie0cl^ 

^€ Htmun , d rUMSung^trmtrs ind Strvictst 

h*ud [Bofths kj HmhV f*^ 

Frdntts Sttit: Kigg^MlMrs Hn& 

fitf in Chifml-firttt Imts Haifpmnf 
)4^ilgginstinCbecqnernUj\Mrt H»rif*» 

inwbitt-tr*fs-flrm \ 

Mrs H^tUiftM 
M'S SHdpifd 
MrsLtm—t kyHitim- 


IX The Wdndring yphore. 

l«p MMMdd keeft iker |^<a Evtts 

BMMii.Mu » V9i4Mi Mn fiui in Cftfs-UMe Hts. i^tmf 


leUrt Smffm 

Tht UH tnd Lj6M , it 

Hu Stuuitrt 

^rt. Abigiil 

fig tht St:JUti wift it 

Hftk Shtw ia mtrtld'f 
md Crumwd alus Hjtm 
Femkft mimU alias FU- 

Tbmxin 6\H, alias Di; 

fiH P tmtl 
Mft H dhg 
%citi FJtfXris 
hilt) hJIj 
tMy. Hub 
it't'J'' hltn 
Mil AviJ 


Mti Wstm 
NtV lnU ftfi 
iArJ, er Nm MtdUm 
Btttt r#nf 


Bntf Oungt 
Mft. C*rt4$ 
Btttj Lturtfu* 

Commoo Wborci, Night-walkeff,Pick-pockfts, 
Wtndcitn and Shop- Lifters and Whippcrs. 

M*t*imm mrtlwu Mn. ihtrUjthejnan 

timUagUm — ' 

Bmj iimtr^ fnkr 
9^1 » Amf E^tUr, 

TU, LM9^*tmM 
Nm LUfwiSkm. 

fmt Htrut^ alias 


mvfp OUiwiH 
^r^cf Cmfrmti 

alias W$»i 
Hi* Stamlgy 
mtrtbt cbtfter 
mrt Debbenlum, mrs, 

krMu'd wh$reJ 
mi S-Mhb . 4 Brtikr 
Ujtrs wtftiu wiftte. 

B<f( CmMtrjf 

f 4M SUnfwi 
DArs. SpCMctr 
Mn. Ttverwtr 
Mfs. atjnta 

Mi. Betfj 
Mrs. Gri>n 
G'UM M41, alias ff^n 

MmU. Cb4muj 
tett) CMC 
MiU Htgg 

:hiu H^tU 

MM Uvtrf 
I AU(t Sfilmsa 
H^ut Hgtt 
Mill Trtmth 
Mrs. lytdtvtf y Bind- 
UriMg-jtUtr M tht Offitti 
i^Ch** utj-Um 

Sim S*tt 


'ttt tf^tt 
Batf firmer 
''ttrgery Hdk 

■^4»t Dixn 

^4fih Martin 




The VVandring nnhore. 

Mrs Mitt 
Bcji <jmng 
Ori\\cl mW 

Mrs. OMflMli 



Mr I Amu 

Bettj Biut 
btttj £lM 

Mrs 0»tu 
Bettj 'Batuf 
Xtitf OtM/fni 
BUik ^cttj 
NiM Tdylw 

Mrs L9vt 
Mrs LtU 

Mrt Simmnds 
Betty T>$wnet 
Lutt Br—^ 
Hcl Sjitr 
Md Cnftrd 
Mil BeU 

Mtl Kcfe 

CM's ¥Uwerf*iky 

f nnk^Ptulter , i[a%UUs 

Fijth •AnitrttB 

J>4tcb tflme 

miKii , 4 wuvtrs jTtfe 

41 (mtlc^ij-ind 
Mrs Diwcs 

I Vatus wife in i b»rtdhih 

Mrsbwiils mudht(i, 

Mrs J*, 

Mrs Buis Deughtas 

^Mrs Bmm a leubes wijt 

Mrs Tiffit 

thirds wife ia Dunahg 

Mn M:ih ij the Cur. 

tdiu PUy^brnft 
Su Hedge 

ftm Thtru a Semi^tm Beitj Biiut 


Mrt T^otTWtr tVbtUiT' 


Bettj Iftiftn 


£liltheei Smitk 

Ewfign WeHicrt wife 
M I Herfed— K,fhmfm 

Mr Swtetwtm 
Lmg-hmd Mrs S^mtr 

fa Sfittk-fields 
Mrs i^retk, Gruhftrnt 

,gftetu S4ttbd ^ 

IMjM l«fe 

Bettj H^nigh 

\H4m Brtidmeit 
Btuinui the h^ lift 
ff^U Martins wife 

Hjtj Te-gret, MM M 
Tb: crwiek 

Ma Me 
^t Cadmn 




\N*h StmAern 

^FrtM^F timer 



Mrs Trafies, alias Met. Feir T^jimind 
i^hiwfm SugifC — imflm 

wtMdertr 0*" niebt-wtl- 

Pimp H$UiidMit fteksj 

Mrs Sfiier in M»kh44»e,MrJ Veimn 
aliat Brfwns Peg Hedgin 

Mrs Ht-mertj S tn Stefhens 

Mrs Cerr in K9fe44M Senb B'tdts 
MrsBwfiy MrsBli{s 

Tenners wife IThctler fir. Mrs Kyffd 
Mrs Dichnfen Mrs bcrmtn 

f*ne g/r/w alias3^»*rrt; Mrs J^hg 4 Semnftrtfs. 


14. The JVandring rphore: 

Foylcn, Kid-nappcrs, Decoys, Hc^ors, Pimps and 

Fitrct Ssvdgt 


Httilai, ag'Hi (^eti 
Gl^win, M ifusrint 

Len. ltt:fd(M 
Tbf. Sutn 


Nii JcTw* , Fan 
QHijtwuy , Tbt, Orrd, 
iUf-Lifun tad f •7'at, 

Pimf &iMikt9» tbt m- tVih gmUihti 

ttrnftttrj ym 
i^il Fiuft , tnt*ttr*hg 

fimf in Unt Atu^ n4* f« C^ks 

ith nth tbt bud 
Keger t^'ftert whh 4 

tt'tn0vtrhii ejt 
^n Firr^tn, bj Hat9n 

Tbo BUckbtrrj 
■^nk^-^iBtf. Tim.Tbtrr 
bcTt Stwgitth'rit 


Th$. HHTJi 
Wil TivtmcT 
Dick Ctrtwrigbt 
Btrrtt ■ 

Miu atiddliUM 
Frtuli dflrbur* 


Cgrttr, H/bhh-itUtr 

M.*bi» TbrnKT 
tfil. tMtrrit 

Wit, ItiflltM. 

t^jma^ Tnmf-illtj 

Grttt A> Ntwgite 
^imf ^1{ifwhb. 

Hid Brtfkl 

1[ttfo>daT)e per 
Tbt. fUja 
.^td Trif^rd 
"yHmrjlHid • 

If'.U Toffcl 


i)lor the Prigg 
Sim T/n(^, ifl»v<nlj 

(jM ndi9.ort 
:ibittcrmutf (tribe 
HopftT If^iittrg-mtflt/ 
Wihcbtbt f^iiUr 

Htrrit BiUiard-pUjtn 
fimf H«»Atd 
Fur Reftmttdi fimf 
Qnrgt Ttsliiits . 4 

t^id-<it(ber j i.t the 

^mked-biUet it tbt 

^htp GUver 

Ktlfb tA(i)itgttn alias 

I rb* H*)wxrd 
C — ^*i{:j9n 
^imf ibivmin 
mU Gifl 



SOmc libidinous wretches out of defpight to thede- 
fignofthc Publiiher hereof, and attcdkion to the 
wicked Adtor$,concefnd in the Lift , have cenfured, 
condemned, iniinuated, and fuegeftcd the inttnr here- 
of to be for propagat ngof wnorcing , and tempting 
Cuftomcrs to go amongft ihcm, inftcad of dcftroying 
ihcm ; This the wotld may be aiTurV of, th^t inrtcad 
thcrcofjfomcof themhkc rats have rcmovd for fear of 
ruinc, others have chang'd their names, fomc thereby 
have been denied Licences and thruft out of their pari- 
flics, others have prof ered gratuities to beobliccrated : 
fo that I fay from W hores, Harlots, and Varlets, good 
Lord deliver all hone ft men, and their 

^ Eubulw, 

One HclliUndz Trappanning Rogue (who lately lay 
by LondinwAl^ as the pretended husband of 3/4/« 
RobinfiMy alias Mrs. Frances a pitiful, pocky, wheazing 
whore) carryd away after two nights lodging , a 
flying-coat coft 3 /. 15 /. about atortnight before, 
whoever leaves notice in writing , for BukMlm at Dmm- 
itiri^,clofe by where he may be apprehcnded,they ftiall 
receive half a piece for their pains. One Frdnk Ri^gs 
a thieving whore lately borrowed for ftole; fome goods 
necr the abovcfaid place, who-evcr leaves word for 
her apprehen(ion,ftiall receive a crown for theirpains at 
the faid place. 



THE ttwm. 4: 

Wandring whore 




MagdaUns a .Crafty BSO^d^ 
fnlicttaan Eic^uiluc WJhorc, 
froHcion aLafdviousOallant, 
And (jufman a Ptoipifi^g^eAor. 

Difcovering their diabolical Pradttfes at the 
Half crown C h u c k-O f f i c e. 

With an Additional Lts t of the names of the 

Crafty ^av^dsyCommon Whores ^Wanderers, 

Ttc\focl{ets ^ ^ght^rpat{ers. Decoys, 

HeBors, Timps and Trap fanners. 

Ddifcrcd to the Publifticr hereof by a late Hcdor, fcvcral 
deep Pf coen, and dccty cd Gimcflers amoogft cbcffl. • 

Sint Cerere ir IaqcU friget Vtnm, 

^•ndtnx Printed ia the Year i^^o. xJ^c^ j.-^ 



(7if/iiM/r.w-*>liic Or^MgeSffwtet Lemtmins^thebc^in 
|H Ckefq»er-Affy nctt 'Bum^hii ^ of fo 
JL flrtdgc a quality ts oevcr came from 
Stvil^\erhAd§s^ixrirgim^^ for provoking luft and 
lechery; andf abadne the heiat and fury thcreoiF beyond 
^y AfitkfCMirisfiSi ox%VkV\tk Limttft^ if a 9ffehc ta- 
ken moraidg add creeling : \i^(cD$ii$ref[es fail you 
on tryalof their skiQ, they ftwdl caft yoar water for no- 
thinjg. Their Cufiom^rs are nnore common apd nume- 
rous then ihttr Tum^ikei , who ever has ha<f a feeling 
ofthe Caufc, Of their Cafes, (as Btn.K4fs, oUASlun^ 
Fierf-fdcist.Cdft, WhtrAm^ the fsftr Merchant, the 
CfdhUmfe I)#^#r, with divers others^ have) may be af- 
furedof the nath thereof, by reafon of the many /#- 
mentdtitHs are taken inwardly with Wimb ftrfftiiivt- 
Triftruments made ofMdmfefh , which hath the fame 
excellency and faculty in Ejtffitns as Clijier-pi^s^ 
iheres no ^;i#«-water,no Gtiverswitcr fo efficacious, 
for theirs is ih* right MedicinAmirsHlif & univerfM^ 
Ma^ddl. ^nfmdM , I would have you forbear thefc 
c^mctt Whores for a feafoQ, unlcfs upon feme remark- 
able paffages andoccafionSj for the privMtt Whtrcs 
trade fpoils that of ours , fothac wc navclitrlc or no 
trading amoag us 5 for there's one Mdrgerj S— keeps 

A 2 C-.-hcr 

^ The Jf^andring la^hore. 

C — her StdCitn, who was wont to be a good Cufto- 
mcr, till ftic got him into her dutches, ^ inter eltmes^ 
well might his mifBefs turn t»h$re for want ol due 
keHtvoleMce^ and other ncccffaries, vvhilcll he lay foak- 
irg and fot ting of himfdf in the taylof fucha T^wrtj- 
}^0r^ whofc luxury and lechery is as hfatiate <e/ the 
fed : lie record her anions my (cH, and put her in my 
£U(k Mefmemirdneer : Mrii/«:{j{^y will tell you the ve- 
ry fame. Then there's Mrs //*^ — who were ir not 
for beggcry and poverty, would not be unprovided fo 
iuch»lhcis, and bcelad of other iqllcs leavings. 
hen tbeic $ Mrs. MettletfiM^ Mrs, B— and Mrs. C— 
»ho mun needs hare their Friends in piivate, oh thefc 
Fricods are brave fellows, whcaa Gold Ring with a 
Diamond in't,appcirs toclcar theircyc-fight I or fuch 
afilvtrTdftkens ^zs given a Shop keepers wife in 
CkedffJt, to be tickled bjf a dnltmni Cdme/ter^ whofc 
wife hfts snoTC need on't between her own (hcm-oh! the 
futredhBHger §f g^i^i^k $verc$mes d!l things. 

Cnj. There I no reafon but they fliould be brought 
upon theAagc as well is others, aod thpir private 
whoredoms difcovered ^ for I have known fcveral of 
them will hire men to do their drudge ly snd pay them 
according to their performances, vho mu(\ not he 
omitted ^ thefc are (ecming chaAe and modcfl Vir- 
ginr by day, but notorious whores by night ; J^«/ cunt 
f§rit funt nihil mundtM , but what tlicy commit in pri- 
vate, Hiall be pubhfhcd and proclaimed upon the houfc 
tops , but I blame their uxorious husbands, wlio fuffer 
themfclvcs to be lid andtrode upon by their iiifolcnt 
wives, the ^r/4'^ of women cvfrmoie raufini^ dotage 
in men : Did not MeneUus rcfolvc to be theExecu- 


7he VV^ndring l^hrt. f 

tioncrofhiswifcs mifcanagcsaad mifchicfs, when up- 
on fight of her proporfioncd Limbs,tcndcr and ddicatc 
Body, wbicc SkJn, rich HabiHmfnts , cffcmmatc an<i 
mimic C eft urcs, they charm d his chaftc cyc$,arKi dcaf- 
ifhcarSj A^hcrciaisfecnthcimpotenGy, wsaknefs, and 
violence of Venereal Love, which fo much overtum- 
ethreafonin men. 

Jmf rfih amor <jitU ^e» mtrtdlia c$gu f 
But fee the fruits of this bad tree , f roiii which could 
come no good, and commohly fuch as the Parents be, 
focharethe children, the Ctows egg a no better thd» 
the Crow her felf: was not Helena after all her whore- 
doms^ /^fi'/withhcrfonin law, cruel murthcrof her 
cnher husband Deifhobm (after her fright to Fotjxejm 
-Queen one of her old acquaintance ) taken out of her 
Chamber by the Qacens fervants ftark naked , as fhe 
Was bathing and walhing her k\i ^ in abhorrency and 
deictetion of foch a Monfter , and hang'd on a tree as 
an ignominious fpcdacle to all perfons. Bnrops^ (he 
doted fo much upon a Bull , that fhe got upon his back 
aft ride, to have her lechery fatisfied . Pdji^h^e, unna- 
tural and wicked in her thoughts and adions , lov'd a 
Bull, *of whom he begot a MinotMure , being Proles Iri- 
formis njtneris wonumerttA nefurtdd. There are like- 
wife HerrttAfhrodites^ effeminate men , men given to 
mMc\\UxHrj^ idlenefsy and watitoft ptedfrres ^ and to 
thatiibdmiflablcfinof ^^/p«jf, wherein they arc both 
adivc and palfive in ir, whofe vicious a(flions are OHcIy 
to be wliifpcrcd amongft us . 

Mdgddend. Thc(e are ftrange , if true ftorics,but 
let me have an account of fomc late tranfadions a- 
moj>gft our felloMr -creatures now living-, for I love 


S^ 7i>t VJ^andrin^^hore. 

net 10 hear eril fpoke of the dtccafcd , ic may be my 
ctk another 6xf^ for I sin jcaloui^I may ftiod ^'a y^ztn 
of tgood word, wbea I don't defcrve it, ibfc worMlui 
lefcirofftiippiRgfqchSaintsasIam. -, l.-..,^ 

Citfmm, rie relate a very, fad report how a a.Mtie- 
msm was fcrv'd i» BUckfrjers , as I ita it from ojje 
Do^r Sc — a Chymijf, which was thus 2 Ic \\as his 
fofdiae to ftay fomewhat hx£UigT4ver»f\cex^dpj~ 
ning amongdaj^^viWCr^ir^ iR-fomuch ib/ivMv(^?s 
muchdiftcmper*d in drink, and uniic to be his own 
Condudor, and in fuch a condition you knpw, N^^ 
ff' im§r v$Biim^»e nihil im4dtr Me luddet^ : A wand- 
ring whore watching her OfK)rtuiiuv, tenders her bodi- 
ly aSftaocc, and drew him into a q^rk fMiTage;, )vi<^e 
befell to feelinfl her with ^eedom^ after which, ifhe 
felt him likewik , and (by reafon of liis too-m^^h 
drunkenhcisj had mucji a-4Q (o caufean cre^Q^ yf t 
. did it , whereupon ^ftie 4rfiW^Pu^a (^rpne4,b*i^ij9r 
that purpofe, and holding of his P— clofc by the rppt, 
(he cut it deer and ibeer off ^ leavif\g him Hi^ ^raber 
and knife together , wberp he continued dancing ^d 
roaring till fome company broM^htforthJig^^, whcte 
(by the extremity of his pi^njhe begai^ tp b^ cocoycr'd, 
and to took up his P — putting itin his Tob, whilft the 
blood ran all about him, where bf ing d^cnandcd the 
caufc ol his misfortune, and wounding, h(;.?V>rwered, 
and went into a chjrftr^esMs, who thruft a qijiliA^o his 
pidlng place to prevent the ftoppage of his Urine, 
as flll the prcfcnt eafe to his grievous torments j the 
Gentleman was very dtfirous to have had itfowd on 
agajn , but 'twas impoflTible , and within a day or two 
follQwing he departed this life , having confeflcd that 


he hadeiven a wench the rukMiitg §ftbt reim , and hi 
bcUem (be had rttomed^iins tbac hot bis pjto, whkli>r 
Wtf all tiUKiNis ever diicorcE^d. 

tj^sgdMUm. That vr2si mitres trUk indeed, what 
would become of us , if our Cuftooiers were fodif- 
membred; we Ai|bc all ^obang our ^Wcs.znd ^e tbe 
//ii)i|jf»«i a labor, for 'tis -but hilf an boon excrdfe. 

Cafm^. This thatl (ball tell you alier, wis not 
half 10 bad (for rather then I would loofc that part, I 
would pare with my right kgg , my right hand and 
arm* nay (by rifiht evej of oacMrs* MMriem, who fc- 
dvc'd t Miff bin flnll be namelefs^ hough nOt blame- 
left* iikto hct Chamber , wherctintobeloog'd a couple 
eitkmuHmg nA rdming Me^trs^who were to ukc tbe 
falliii off. ber f%ipers as a cartaki warcfh word that be 
was aboat to knock be&> whicfaaihe wai doing^off 
Mtk tbe'dippeo > up comes two sUffnj MMffim 
(findinf Inampofi btrj with dnum Swords, raols 
cockt , as if tbey tBtendedetther ta hare Piftold htaa. 
Of cm in pieces as imall as fldhi^be Pot , fwcaring. 
daamiog and fiak them v thou Villaia, wbat haft 
thOQ done to my infic f Thou rogue, Ho# haft diott 
ab«rd my fiftcr *. Tbe (igbt andnoife whereof di(maid * 
bim, and p«c him inco a trembling fear, befttching chc 
prc^ervati^n^ iwlifeamTCifety of his ntanibers, thry 
threatncd to cut off immediately , with the tendcc of 
about ted pounds in gold and (iircr, which they reckdi- 
ly fe€«ivcd,' and lajd by, tcllmg him that would not 
fervf their/ riinn, ifbcirtodndcit to fare his hfe^ ior 
fear whereof vai»h6utimy xonfideration ^ whei; . 
WIS he gave ibciojbond for a faondrcd pbuDds>,uaiHL 
thoif Rogues accDfdin^yicccivcd k, ;,r 


8 ^bt VFanc/ring v^hore. 

d/4yi^4/nw, Thit was kanfom , he was right c- 
naoghi3frf'd,^ut tl-cfcoar Csrtferpiildn hav/c not al- 
ways a-likc fucccfs , for'tbor was one Glddmim long 
mackerel back'd He Aor, and one M^t, Rfi^B/gM a tub 
of tards, and a pocky puggnady, th<tt wooldfain 
have trdffsiui a ihop-kccpcr in Com-hil out of his 
mony, under pretence of her being wirh Childe. w^h 
waschildilbly manag'd bet^eco them at rhe Dilpkim in 
^irfifc*;*- /^»f; where after their drmkingfack and clarcr, 
aad eating of oyftcrs by a good fire , the Rogue CUd- 
t9t» convcycs her into another room whili he fends a 
Porter for his prey, under pretence cfbiiying acooii- 
derable quantity of his commodities , which being 
ditooKied betwixt each other, prov'd a very cmp y 
nodoo and buiinefs , which caus'd the parties ha(^ lo 
be gone and with-draw, on which he ivav'd his former 
ftwies, and ddivccs a coinrerfcit Letter unto him ^ at 
which he reetn'd not mov'd, but more urgent to be 
gone ; in this jeoAurc (teps this Lsdy Irrtm into the 
room, preteniflng her felf with cbibde , which upon 
fearchmidenquirf wa$,anely acuihion under her coacs, 
which mack htr haftily depart, and leave her Hcdoi 
a pledge for the reckoning, where he wjs [orc't to un- 
flrip and leave his Gold Ring be'iind him,fwcaringhc 
woddbcrcreng'dof bis M9^(ot putting fuch a fob 
C»[m4n, Sn.Leming had worfe fucccfs, for as (he 

inarcht from SmithfeUwnh htintdidzi her A a 

couple of tearing blades with fciihc^s in their hats p^ckt 
her up , and led her to the C^fiU TAvcrn by St. ?*/- 
fhers Cbartk , where after a large reckoning was call'd 
in, they fairly (link away , leaving her without a peny 


7 be FFandringwbori. p 

to pty their eiperxcs as well as her own, which To bob- 
fkiftha ladv-(hip, that fbt>lck her rines behind her, 
ladlDb caU'd W — to her face for btr labor. 

MAgddUtu. Tbats (be that fays (be has a fiddle ia 
ber Arfe, which caufed an •Id L^wjer to gi?e hrr fix 
pou^ to fing and^play the tone called CwMe mp# cW- 
ijt and hath had as many P — in her C — then hairs 
upooic. But had thou heard G»[mdn , how Mrs. M4- 
f0» who came lately out of the Country thrives upon 
ber Setting up a Vaulting-(chool in K$rfe'lh$$dtj^ 
where li»m$r Br0§ks (although never nurried , has a 
cirl alm^ft as tall as ber felf , aad in a fair way to follow 
ber mothers Occupation^ and MM. Sdv§rj , Tktm, 
FUjers Mob, who was (aid by i/r/« A — to nave mur- 
tber'd her Bsjtdrd , and to ha?e an S»f and Crj after 
ber for mrehenEoo, however (be efcaped^ and tMHuj 
Msrfim (alias balf-a-c'oaen- names ) who gave in a Lif 
of her fellow creatures and old Comrades aboQt 5m- 
ۤ4l-Umt^ Flett'frttt and ithnms-ftfUt f theic Girls 
when tbey want trading at their other rendezvourcs^ 
rant here, and dance Bikhjiki their fcnocks , and 
often limes nakecf, lying kiggU'te-figgU-te night after 
ni|ht,with fcveralperfons^two at a time together, that 
wnilft the- one. tyres, the other may be recruited^ you 
TM^ hmam H Brnks by her very fcent tvid fnndl where- 
everyou finde her,for her skin fmells rammilbJuA like 
Al$t$ SMccAtritu^ . yvn may meet with her at D — 
tvith greazy Butchers and Cooks tvvo or three tioKS a 
day : And for M^L ssiftry you mav know her by bet 
CulUiKleifacc,rerembling a turd fall of Cherry-ftoncf, 
a (hoemakers punchii^-block , or an y/^i^fffM-Cake 
with the dUximis pickt out , and an unfavory (linking 
breath to boot, B Giffmd^. 

ic The VVandring mhore. 

Cufwtsn. ] wonder tny one will meddle whh thefe ccm- 
Boa jtdei tni jikei , thit like ai wcl. of i Brttm wum, t Th* 
Iter or DrntgUi rAfr u t Ge»t/emsm , hot a 7— u m g-df r 
fmk /•**/ « -• PAiHM^e ; for 'lii ill a cafe to ihc«, if i hey get 
but c^htecn peace to buy a pair of gloves or their knocking, 
thefe tretbofc poor Itzy, idle whores who F — for neccnity, 
n-)i pieilure.iod have fcarcea /»/> ofkMir amongft them all to 
ctverthtirCmmjes. ^ ^ . ,., 

Mni^tM. 1 know not how there (hould be any , where 
there ii foch perpetual and coociaued fyring at their teuch- 
Mes , and vrberc the bairt are as loofe at the loofc corns of 
(3un- pouder upoo a clofed-pan, and be eifily blown off: again 
their aumbcr bang (mail, th<rir Cuftomers iadCuliifs unmc- 
tom (chat fhauld they (hatch bat hairs a piercfrom ihem, 'twere 
enough to make bare all their fpotsj they are ridden and drid- 
den oftner then the varieft Hiukjttj jMiet in C^lemAn firttt. 

Cmfmam. If thcfc rotten whores ftioold be mbb'd all over 
tbetr naked bodies , as was aToal amaogft the Romans in their 
bttbes, ti i chetr knacks cry'd click agen, their very bones would 

MMfddJrmd. There was a n©ble Coftom amongft tkof: Re- 
0»4iiJthat vrent forth to war , and whenfoever they returned 
back, fuch as had wives fent then a months notice before hand, 
porpofely to remove all caufes of jealaufy , which if once but 
rooted, ts like an Irijh 7r#*<.r always clofc to rhe Rump. 

Gmjmtm, Come lets wave thofir Tories, and think upon 'c 
how we (hall raife monies to miintain our fcWe s out of other 
mens roines : FrdmcUn's the onely man, Jf$Iieti4 is bouA4 to be 
great with childe 

MagddlcM Faith thou fay'f true , 'tis an excellent way to 
carch young birds with chaflf, acquaint 7« vithit, hercc^mes 

Fr^nc'fm How docs my old Matron, /; llettd, and Cmfw$*n} 
MagdaltnA They'l be here Inftantly : I have a matter of 
privacy to acquaint you with : J« it with childe by )0U. 

FrMHchm. I hope not fo, I would QOC bc diicxcditcd nor dif* 
covered for a thoufaod Pounds* Mag. 

The Wandring n^hore. x i 

Md^tUltMs. I can do tny thing for mony , ]\'e have one 
CUJWiMf or C»^itiel fdckftn toFaehn it, provided the inno- 
cent chiJdc and it's cnotberbe taken are of. 
* FrMiciim. A pox of thii leihery ; well, UUrA fjf* mn tf 
efty tbie which can't be cur'd, muft be endorcd 

Mdiddltnu. CttfmMH , bid IniiettM coDe in , hiAcn her in- 

lulittu. My friend Frmimn , I hive thought long to fee 
you, hoping you will Oiowyour (elf a curreous C cntienan , in 
the tiire of my extremity, ithich calls for yoof affiftaoce. 

FrM€i§M. It (hall be done^rie give you order for the mony 
aifoon ai I fee the charge : 

CmfmMM. I have it here 


Mfrimu to Colooel iMckJtn to father the cbildc 5 c— 0- 

Item for giving in fccurity to the pari(h 10 — 0-0 

Itmm ht MMgddlenM the midwifei fee 10—0-0 

Jtm foi niaacle,whitlet,cloacs,cradie tc ourfei wages 30— 0-0 
Item fox JmlitttAt ly iag in 2 — o~ o 

Item (otGftfmm the teUtk^ohold a dole pair a chaps 5-^-.o 


S$tmM,t»tMlid 135-0-0 
TrMncitm. Well » I1< draw a bill upon Mr C — the f riggiog 

Merchant in Waggoacn ally, to pay the mony after three days 

light hereof. 
Cmnts Farewel deer FrmtcUm our beft Friend. 
M*gddltM. Now hhietu the Plot holds; well, wee I rtiire 

o«r mony equally , and youOiall lie in at your Idfure, when 

we want mony weeM Andy for fuch aaothcr Cudofflcr , and 

make an end of thiifounh Dayi Action 

B] ANe^ 


Tht JVandring whore. 

A New Additional LIST. 

Cnftf Bawdt. 

OLd Bsmd F9theriMghmm^n 
C9if im€ 
Mrs, P$ft, im Petty FrMMCe 
Mrs. ReJmdMf «/ C«» cr»ft 
Mil- v^mH, LMid. Ltvtl, im 

PgrtrUi Jij Hi/^m 
Mother Dsniet 
Cr'Uirtmiu Se^mri Idnt^Htrfe- 

Jk*» im ieech Lmt 
Mrs. Treeijt im B/*mfstmrj. 

Cominoa whores. 

J Ami Cmtfi»m , m HtBt'fftl 
C9urt M whiti C^ff*^ 
Tijm Jtm't^ M p*(\y x*^' 
M*l. F^fttr 

Nam Fmt^ mm Ojfitr wtmch 
Mrs. Wiffim , m (^rMm^e fil- 

M»l. TiMWMt 

Or^ie Ndm 

Crdce CmU 

^tfs Stmrdj 

Mrs tr4lttrs^f» St.'K^thrrimes 

j Mrs P$fes Bui^htfrt 
MgrjGumwser, inftqHelLme 
Mrs. Sim$pkins 
Mn. SaJler 
Mrs. £/wici 
M^ry Bemmet^ m Pdviers wife 

im Ctk^Lne 

Nan ^ree^ tm St^melUsiB 
Mar J Miprfen 
A rs. kr§rfier 
Mrs. Jane , a»J Mrs, L*npt^ 

ktUmgimi f Mrs. Tretlj, 

H«aor$,l<c. ^ 

NletMs in Tkjmth/treei, 
4 Sfmnge. 

Sifttt mam a fpoMJarel 
Mafim, the Ltbjier 
Tim$. HtUy 

2(icl^ Pits , 4 Stticittr in 
little Queen flreet 
Tb^m. H- — 4 T 


The VFmdfintyd^l 

A Pcrfca Litt of all the Cwfiy Biwds, Maiden-bead- 

icUcif, CooBM wboret, Nighc-«dkcn< Pkkpocketf, 

WandCTCTi, Shop-Liftcri. F^ykn^Wbipfm.Kidiap. 

pert, Dccoyti, Hcflon, Piapi tnd TrappMncrt,iDd 

cWiff Dfnl lUctiD^. 

CnftjrBtwdf ^mfftftsmfk SUftHuiJks 

Mrs f^U, h Ftfftr44ue 
h Grtju4m 
Hr$ Cdier ftnitr 
Btuj Ftmojh: BMris, 
jrifttMd S0vjgu mbb 

Mti. Crefmd Mrs Jmt/ , Mik^td 

Mr^ G^ijk HsMMd HidfitM , Ikmt 

rurkj kmd n UmjUUt aurgvn Lmb 

Jhigiil LittUtm 

ft Salmm 

Jkigiil Uttktm Y*^tSdmm \fm*tU 

Mft ftgt.CU-fhm 


dUtt HuUMTt 

.Hrt Burgu 

Frtkiaut VLifimt 

Wn OibfiJg, ttdUm 


Hrt SjAt 
Mtt Cikkm 


D*9»rSb0^if swift 

llt\*kib ntrkrtfm, igWri l^dUt , Th$mf\i» 
Nem-mtrk«t fa wkiii C^sfftl 

M (i ^rit m -ptn Tbmm, i ttf^rj 

Qr 4»i H»ii»4 H0 imftt tni Strvittt > 

SUibtl MOr II D.g'fiti IBmhs k H^tiftq rhm 
Nm H.rtt^k. I*'" •"' ' 

FuKtts Ssni$: Kigpi- ^Tt Hiiffon^ 

(lifinChfml^trtet \Mft Httti^ _.^ 

M^ 4 fins, in cbttfmtAi TkrttiuOLr-l4mu h 'Mrs Data 

t» vhittATtft.imt I Orak^tH . pWr/ gitver 
Crw-lcitiit lUb mi- \sbif, in Ing^AUj tmrnt^gtrt Ity 

fttiiti ftms. «i Mkf Q* k^iM U»g huty Bw// 

Mm Crttbtw , in tht mi- Am Mrt yrindb$ 

H^rhs Mrs BsrbittdMUmiftMrs Ktbnu 

Mri Ljmii,4 HddtpJmd- in Htlbtrn Mn Simm»nd 

{*!Ur $n sb< Dittb-fUU Mrs Htwudju LinttiMi Stt Ltwrtntt 

nc^r Hoigfdtn li-fiiU \Mri t^Hibur/l 


» The VVdnclmg rphore. 

NMi tpnct \Mts LHk_yer 

0«fx Mundcl. kttf* ^'^ ^*' £v^>^ 
Emdj-bmfes n IHgiU Mr$ Jfta , in Crofs-Uue 
Bit^ird \iMrt. Simf^on 

Mr/ Thm\in lArs Pi(l(cri»g 

^^icobs HfcU,ftwen-flrcet T)- La/I iti Ljan , /« 
'tn. }{mf 
*irs. JbtfiU 
mrs l{jcmfjt(r 

Common Whores, Night- walkers, Pick-pockets, 
Wanderers tod Shop- Lifters and Wbippers. 

Nm Lug(dn 
MriT^vfx, Mtr 

Wi Ftnmr 
Btttj CMtr, futhr 

9tit t Amy B«il<r, 

Tbt. Uagltf*imM 
N*M LidfirdSUf- 

UrfttU Bkmmj 

Jn€ Httmt alias 

Rei«tci Ttnttb 

Nm. }VtUimi i» 

fiuhfct Gtidwel 
^ri\el Conftrenee 

alias If Mi 
Nah Stsnleji 
wurtbi Chtfler 
ms Debbcnbam, mrt. 

mri Smith . a Brick:: 

Ujtri wife in white- 

mn fUnbfr 
fi«p CtHMtrf 

mrs Ivc 
mrr HtlUnd 
mrt Lcttitt 
mrt WiUi 
Bitty Hjde 
I wtrt Etwkk. 

Ftg tbc Sumtrnt wife a 

mrt Cnsb*me$ 
^Jitb Shtw in mtftkMt 
aut Crumwd alias Hym 
Ht» ^•bin(m 
PemUfematU alias fU- 


Mrs T(f*ding 
9ttty Hwmds 
Bc'ty Htij 
Mil. Mas 
tVelfb Ntit 
Mil Avry 
Eaber Ctifli 
Han L»ve 
Mrs. H^irren 
NcU Gultifrrd 
Sarah CT Nun PulUm 
Bettf T#»{ 
fdth ^/j;«» 


Bitty Tinge 
Mr. Cuftct 
Bitty Ldurcnce 

Mrt. ShtrUythijWgtr 


fam StAmford 

Mrs. Spacer 

Mrs. Tivtrnef 

Mrs. Mirtt* 

Mrt tVitfcn 

Mrt. Bary 

Mrs, Grten 

Green Mall, alias ^oin 

Mail. Cbiuncy 
Mill Sivory 
feg iTtllitms 
Alite Sfflmtn 
}{€tt Hart 
Mill Tremiin 
Mrs. If^edover , Band. 
drivg-fctUr la tbt Offitti 
in Cbauvctrj'Unt 

Hsn Bret 

ltr[uli Higgint 
ittty tf^ite 
Bettf Fdrner 
Mtrgery tiihle 
^Mfie Vixtn 
Mall rei<{ 
Sarah Martin 
Mrs. Hint 
f^eai tfMoTHCt 

Mts MiU 

Mrs. tiMilati 
Mrs. VimmU 




Nu Ujktt 


»tfi tr»iuu 

Mnt imm tu i t 
Etf «; Vtwm t 


Mil C**M 

Tbi JFdfuAing ipbore 

Mrt SwiiU mtU B^i, Mrt Tnntr Wim^. 
**rt $*r firm 

Mrt Built Vjntgktft ^rdal^Rigj, aliaj ^fkh- 
Mrt B$urn 4 i trUetwUt fn, < tbumM -mttrt 
MriTifftt Batjtf^ilf$M 

tbtrdt wifehDBnhi 
AOc, * 

Mn Mtilt by the Cur- 
M#a PUy-brnfe 

Su Htige 



^tor Tbtrast Stmiugm Btft^BAMt 

Ewpg9 H'ehlUrt wift 
Mt fiirftd— Hfkit^ 

ir$$dli Cmfttr 
Mr Sw m a un 
L$»g-hiiri Mft SfOKtf 

Mnlnm^ GnMntt 




Bm/tw tkehtflifs 
m'tl MMthi wife 

Mjtj Tt-grtt, M$H u 




Mrt Cdimm 

Ctii hirth 

FrSMl(P Mlmcr 

Mrt frafitti alias Mm. Fur 7{^tmttd 

ii$Uaf$n Sngir-Q ^CM/f/vt 

f A^» HtUUnit PnkSf wm4crtr CT ni^t-wd- 
png-^sftf ' ktr 

Mrs SfUtr in M$b^4Mf Mn T)$dmMn 
alias Brmns Ptg H tig (m 

Mrt Vt-mrty • Nm Ste^fcmt 

'Mrs Cdtr in RtfcUnx Smb BUia 

M€l Xtft 

f i/ffc »/f aierrm iMrjE^nJlr AfrtBlt^t 

Puub Whtrt rdtmtrs wife iVUilr fir. Mrs Kuffd 

W^ilki: , 4 wCAiri l9^ifAMrt Vhlftttftn Mrt bcmu 

a$ jamk •^j-tU \f*n< GUfinjSM%»Uits Mr/ ti,i*g i Sm^$, 
Mn DitMs frtMkJEvitt 

1(5 The IVandring xphore. 

Foylcrf , Kid-nafpers, Decoys, Hedors, Pimps and 

Fitfti Stvil€ 



Grtvtmr htffwdtid^Uh 

XU Lmglgjimrj htUj, 
Ntd fuvtk , rncr 

Sht^Lifitrt ni Ftfiat. 
rimf Shgktn. tbt «- 
ttKptfMn ptct 
WUPti^t aammhg 

ma^ cm 

HtBUtad,tgrut (^eti 

Tbt. Sum 
Un ' 

fimf h Lmg dcii^ wb» f*. 0*^1' 


Hitgcr i^ifwer , whb t 

J^n f i«rf«)i, bj Hmn- 

The BUeKbmf 

j4(k.iMiUer. Tim^Tbcm- 

btri Ncwgttt hirit 

Tbt. Hurft 
9fil. Tdvirra 
Omge CUrh 

Mwnfied H/bbin 

mi Ntft. 

Frtali Jjbburn 

kTsL guUiftri 
emir, Hfbbit-^r 
Disk it Lug 

Mjtbn Tbrtwa 
kTtl. aierrh 
tf^dt. Suintm. 


Gmu by Ntwgite 
Htrrj Matin. rhtner 
^hip Sliipvitb. 

Tr*ey 4 HeStr 

rbt. fUjtr 
SiiTrAftri ,, ^ 
Htnfhiri ■^, 

mu Tojfci 

fViU Uttut 

iyUrthc Trigg 
Lit tie nf J 

fiitcs it Dtg-jiri 


Hoffer, Writing-mtfler 
iVintb tbt iqxila 
fttk^Btrrj , fff^Jitk^ 

Htrrit, BiUuri-fUycrs 
Phmp Howtrd 
Fair Rtftmmds pimp 
^C$rgt ttsl^ins , (t ■ 

KiiHUtber , «r the 

^rtkfi-biUft a the 

Timp Gitvcr 

Rtlfb tAfhitgttn, alias 
ibitWi-jiyfc, Grocer 
rfctf. Ebbs 
^itt Ledger 
iViU Udltr 
rbo. Htjwtri 
C — ^niiitn 
^Timp Sbtrmin 


The Fifth andlaft Part 

O F T H E 

^ Wandring whore; 



Magdidens a Crafty Bawd, 
fuliettaan Exquifitc VVhore, 
ffancion a Lalcivious Gallant, 
^nd Qufman a Pimping Hedlor, 

Difcovcrfng their diabolical Pracflifcs at the 
Half-crown' Chug k-O f f i c e» 

^^itb an Additional Lift of the names of the 

Crafty Sav^ds ^Common Whores J^Vanderers^ 

IPic^-pocl^tSy ^ight^rpal^ersy decoys ^ 

jHeSors, Timps and Trappanners. 

DclifCfcd to the Publifhcr hereof by i late Hcdor, fcrcral 
4ccp I^ctncD, and decayed (^tmfilcn imon^t cbeo. 

Sifte Cerere ^ Mdcchi fri^et rtnm. 

F rimed ia the Ycai. 16^1. 


T H R 

WA3^T>%i:Niq WHO%E 


Jida^iiaUnd,J^ lle/ice in the C^urt^ not a word 
^^ amonft ns three confederates , but 
^J VfhzVs fftkert under the Rofe, it is lot 
fit to let FrdncUn go oft tnus for 135 pounds 5 wce'l 
make him marry thctf^«/ifM, or make thee ^g00dj$yrt' 
turezW thy hfe time j Hcc'l Relieve sS to he Gefpel 
that wc fay , whilft we agree in one and the fame Tale, 
he won't be long abfcnt from us, therefore lets before- 
i9$rn' dzT\^ fere Arm' dzgZiVi^ his coming. 
* CMjmd/f. The project will hit doubtlcfSjWC have fuch 
a grind carncft ot his folly before-hand/tis but making 
him believe fliec'l turn and be honeft ever after , whicfi 
Hit were not fo, you know Cuckolds hive the kefl lucl^ 
for my part,l wilh I were the ricbefi Cuckold i» Europe: 
^u is not overworn, therefore not paft turning , and a 
good two leav'd hokMt zolook in (till. 

Udgddlend. Ay , and & good fdt A — too thou mayft 
lay thj lips *»*/,but 'tis cuftomary here to receive mony 
with wives, (ivho like light gaid will not pajs without Al- 
lowance^) butgive mony'fbr Wenchcs.and that hce I do I 
w^nantyee, wee'l make thccz Pre ftdcnt for orhers to 
imitate and follow ; what tt^u^ mdtrtmonj be made a 
mdtter of mony where thcrc*s a ddirttj ( unnj^l'k m»>.kc 
him believe (he hath as many fui^ors as there are days 
in the year, to make him more zealoq? oi(9\enin;^ his 

A 2 C#r- 

/L I pe fr an firm ; iv.oore, 

( errivdli l>,ouldfuchan Amazonian bcauiy,acconio- 
liflit withfuch iranfccndantencfowrrKmsborh otbody 
ar>d mind, proportion'd with fuch equal pares, cnrich'd 
with Silver and Golden habilnnents, be pirted wich at 
ajicafy ntc, fo, asto makcaflavc h:rmjfter,or a fcr- 
vanthcr Commander. 

^nliettA. My very teeth witcr at the Contrivance, 
if it talis right, cxptdl I wil! reward you boih our ot his 
eftatc, 'tis but his believing ilu: I will be boncft after 
all my Lujis and Lechtrj , and ilut's all one to a fool; 
for whdt the eje jees not the heart rt4es net , I lliall noc 
bcthcfirft xtkire that has tiirn'd honefl,in the'flowcr 
of her age, tis but your getting another to fupply the 
place during my abfcncc, for common Jades Cfuch as 
Mdl. Sdvorj , Hon»r Brooks, zni Nan,foMes^ arc nu- 
merous cnoagb, and wilUic with their leggs fpread over 
thciides of a chair with their petticoates andfmoeks 
in their mouths, whilft rhcu- Cemr^des run a til: at their 
tiuch holes in that pofture, paying twelve pence a time 
for holirvg ^ and for his pan and mine wc have taken a 
ftire courfe to try each others abilities before-hand; wc 
fhall not fear commencing of Ldw-faites for waiitof 
due benevolence, or for being unpenetrable, yci lie have 
him fign and fcal thcfc following Articles for an .V|(^</- 
M;7<-rof his futuit Affe5iions^ viz. 

Jnfrimis , That 1 Motinfieur /'r4»f/#« do freely. and 
willingly fettle 300 1. per annum upon juUettaJo}: 2nd 
during her life time. 

Item^ That I will allow her a ^M^A and four Ilcrfes^ 
wirh Attend^mts anfwcrable. 

Item^ That 1 wont be jealous q\ any man's coming, 
or vi/iting her, of what Qimlity , Rank or Condition 
whatl'vKVff. /''»», 

y •Jrifip, that I win ailow hat Imfy ^Uti , io hold 
tfptict tram whilft (be walks fr6m roMd to room.* 
*^ Tl^ii^, That ftie ihall have ^ liberty to maict^botic 
^iX^htiq^Cbitmktr-imdiii , and others bekMigiog to 
i\\^hm\Vj , and chufc anew every meiwb , if they db 
*:MVrp dbfc their chaps, what ever diey <k> with their 

' \ e^fi^m, 'T^ey are (kifeular ways td provMe harm 
"if Imi^/blft TWouM iiot WiQi you to ftandmoti 
fodi ^/hiihlids Ulc wiH bat marry <hce 9^ ; for tf he 
iB6^9d<bfWl^ther»V6tf^ wUl aad^ferfifreaf- 
^t'ifwtrcis, W b«t raking a ^^rach or two ^Mt a O^tHtl- 
Mfi ^w^Hofreqcmly takei^ hw/«i that way , if his cK^^i 
brbkDdfbnti) and h^eH Cue him for ^/ibi*#)^, and 
QPOSrblm fnaintain tbe^ ^ut of his Eflate m feite ti his 
tieth, abif ^ficti piay thiVi&^rtmder himokf^ many 
braife' hiles have doi^e before thee , and b^ (hill not 
hclp;^ifjxjftlf, whereof ^:haV^a thpoftn^ ^fffi/Ms of 
tubmen' hicinTn^ frc^' their husbafids~^ and <fai)(iog 
6t\t('StMi$$ tot their (?i»rfi/i^«;, as a.pp<9fS by a late 
Treitift /cntiiulcd the ^rJfffn^ written b^ Mr,ftfn§m 
in^hedire of C^^tiwiniht Djer^ ^ c. 

fulietts. Thou haft done well to fatisfy We fo 
ctcerly, lie follow the cximple of yong Shrky the 
kdfiers wi^e, who receiving fome fartnirtg.abo'fes 'rom 
berhtisband, (when the majprpai rof her Porrion erc\lr 
due) tiraway fr6m him ,'cirrymg all h s khtis, iiBfy 
CtfJ»4i(b, Jtmelj, Riftfs^^c, fuing himfor mainten- 
aate?al' hie foiled by wonrl txptricnce, and the leaving 
ottw his trade , under the pretence dt tm having cbe 
/fir. . •/ 

£;i/.. I flsill tell thee of another way 4)cfides thr, if 
<' "' thou 

w J pt ^ ananrrg TPt)ore. 

thou haft a mind to maJcc liim i un mad . take a hand- 
fom CemUmdH ujher tt i^tts/y thy Lhxhtj^ and pJea/c 
thy Itfhtrj^ into the hoofc , Jove and lie with him and 
hate thy husband, lie naked in the bed rather then have 
thy fmock fow d to his ihirt, when thou ;vouldft under 
pretence of fifing to pifs, or going to a cloic (tool, go to 
bed with thy CentUmAH-mfhir^ and if he be arigry^ call 
him r9g»€^ rAikdlj and ]e4htf4s Cttcktld^ and if that fayls 
^ c$my his head wuh a ]cint ft^tl^ or hruk his fAtem\\ 
a Bed-fdff^ and it will cool nis courage quiddy. , 

MAgiuliHA, Thou'rt-a pritnc T*/flr indeed, if thou 
hadft but a whore to match thee , tor to rea^f a Lcdurc 
in a tw9'leAv'dbook^ ihou haft evermore had a natural 
propenfity to,as to venerj ^^nd knowft ho\ftoridc 
poft to the Devils Mamfuns ^ for I dare fwear there's 
fcarfearule in all Arettnes Ftftures , but thou haft it 
4dunguem^ readier then thy f^ter Nojler ; for thy zeal, 
{\\Vt Hdrry Martins with the Btg^*r }Vench , Thim, 
Scits with the BsneUfe-wencho( kVickhdm , and ffn^h 
Peters when the 5J*'*i&rr cudgcl'd the 5 pounds out of 
his Carkafs for lying too necr his BrindleJ is Ipcktup 
in 2i DdtvH-diMe more then honcfty, yet Ililc thy 
merry devices. 

Gufmdrt, Every man t$ his trade ^ as th^Jtat-trap. 
maker faid to the Par/on, be fure I have not my name 
Cufman^ an eld beaten fcldier for nothing : I have told, 
^Hf A tpffman mi have her will , and you are not to 
feek in that point, Imc fure on*t. 

Uagda'ent. Thou fay ft very true , g9$d wits wll 
]»mf together t at (hou didft with my Coulin , but noc- 
thmks we are grown huge modcft in our debates bc- 
wixt each oihcijbut I wonder Franci$n tarrxs all this, 


Thi Wandring T^hre. 7 

while, I wi(h wc had fomcpleafant talc ^ told to drirc 
away the tedious night. 

CttfmdH, Rather then want , I would invent a y?#rv, 
but this I (hall tell you ftands upon record, is very true, 
and was tiy'dstiSdlishurj Afft^^s oi zhuncing Girl, 
who was courted by a neighbor whom (he did not fan 
cy : this ycng £w4w#ri</tf out of fpighr, reports flic had 
no C — and fcarcc a pilTmg place •, a fecond fuitor en- 
gages her affci^ions, but upon noifc of the rumor rclin- 
quiflics her •, a Crsfty Ldwyer (as moft of that fun(5tion 
are) tcllshcr he would fuc ihis)I^*/iWrr^rinher behalf, 
and demand nothing till Recover j , to which (he aflcn- 
tftd , the party being arrcfted the fuit was (hortly 
brought to tryal , wncrc a Jury of women were fum- 
moncd (not men) to fearch her , who upon demand 
irom the Judj^c , what they had to fay in thcbufinefs, 
00c of the eldcA Matrons anfwer'd that (he had a good 
thing (meaning the maid, not her felf J the Jurigtetold 
her that was not enough to fatisfy the Jury, fhemuft 
Ipcak broader and plainer? Why, thcn(qnoth(he) 
fhc hath a very gtid ammiMtj : 1 tell thee again wo- 
man thou muft fpcakpiain-, why, then if I. u(\Iwil!, 
and will fwcar it again and again, before your H erfhi^ 
and ihtfurj , (he hath a C — large enough for the 
begged mans P — in the Parifh, a: which they all 
laughed , and the ]ury (for that (he was a handfom 
wenchj fined her adverfary threcfcore pounds dam- 
age which waf accordingly paid the FUi/ttif. 

fulictta. That was hone(\ly done of them, and is 
ncer a kin to a paffage I jiive beard of a fellow who 
helping a Gentlewoman o* Horfe bxk , flipp't his 
baod under her bcUy and toreaiuft of hair otf her 


8 The H^andring xphore. 

Commodity , waring it in a Bnavid§ in his hat • which 
her husband hearing of, fu d him tor ir, and ii coft him 
forty pounds for his f roliclc. 

Md^d4lend. Well I am bound to tell a Talc oi' let 
afarr, ihctokorcgivc car to this following, concerning 
a Gentleman who had continu'd with a {.rear deal or 
cagerncfsafuitor to a Gentlewoman, 
could not retrad him , nor pcrfwafions withdraw him, 
at length when noihing would fervc his turn, (he unco 
verd her breaft nakcd,ranckled, rotted and corrnprcii, 
which he efpying took leave of her , and never fct eye 
on her after. 

CufwAn. I believe neither of you two would hsvc 
uncovei'dyourinhrmities, infuchaCafe, but lor my 
part I conceive it lawful for men and women, lo^* »4- 
ked^ and were it cuftomary as in preceding times , your 
enticing baitts^ f^^fum d cdrkdff'es^ and fUtelj gejinres 
woui<i be Icfs in rcqueft , both with your fdves and o- 
Othcrs, and UvfCi fravocations to UJtind Lechery^ 
which isfeldom occafion'dby abrownskin, a crook d 
back or legs,or poor habir,but often by hoSandfmcckf^ 
filk fiicktm^rich getons and fetticidts, with other cefi^ 
ly garments^ which cover youT greatef fcnlttefs and 
defirmities : I have known many w©men, taken out of 
Cthcir better p art j their cdfes would have been a loath- 
ing to themfclves and others , who otherwifc vrcrc do- 
ted npon in their haverj, 

fuUetts, Should you men , fee all onr anions 
io a true , (and not a 'coinierfeit) glafe , we fliould be 
the mort diffifed vretches in the world, but we can or- 
der you in that point, as moftof your Citi'^ns Wives 
4o i\iCMCixc9mks^ whoif ibey wont let them have 


^he Wandring nhore. 9 

their Jifires and fride to boot , 'tis but dilTcmbling i 
tertsim or tfUotidUn ^g^t, a hrningftdver^ or fomc o- 
thcr diftempcr, and their ijtr>g tn fliill coft them more 
mony in Dtffin fiftts, Afithtcdrjes BiBs^ (wlio no# 
and then cornutc them into the bargain) Cam^Us , ft- 
/w/i/,and C0ck-hithf] then if they had granted iheir 
dcfnes attirft. 

€itfim40. I am no ftrangcr to thofc tricks , for if I 
Uiere, I (hould have a better opinion of your fcx , then 
they have dcfcrved (the number of wicked women, 
being numberlefsj amongft which number arc ^r. Sd- 
^dgt im white crtfj ftreet ^ who broke her husbitds 
head with a mdrnwhenc , and had like to have kill'd 
him with it , Mrs, Idrr§» dfdlers wife , who uf'd to 
comb her husban di head with a hdfe vi$l . into which 
h,)ikedd was ftruck as if he had becjyn the iilftrj,ot 
gotarfljf about his neck, Mrs Hewji/t at the further 
end oiWhtechdpfeijdtedrigiMdMter, who is never 
quiet but when cUrk the Hdtbdnd mdker in Htunfdiuh^ 
is at work in her Saw-^w, and Mrs, BUkefy^ who not- 
withftanding her husbandi lawful and d ue corrertion, 
will tempt, ^ick Hunt the Bmchtt in Wkite-thdffelt to 
make her husband a Cucktld: well if you think to have 
frdnci$n I hear , and fee coming It*, yourauft b.hivc 
your k\i with more difcretion, as a cidu^dlen wife in 
j\h chnreh Issts^ fiid her husband did her. 

3 Mliettd, Prithee €»fmdn ktef thj bredth t$ atl thj 
fttdge but ftick dofc to mm our new f^Mnd fUu -^ 
f^i0Mfipem FrdsciiM , truly dcroicdof your fcivintf 
falutcs you , and rejoyces at your appearance, wfiy (o 
long abknc froon her fp deerly lores you , why at I uch 
a dtAaqcc froto ber wbofe life anci fq^tunes he and 

B truckle 

10 The^^andjingjPi}^ 

truckle at^your foot-ftood., whafcprcfcnccJSvnnylifc 
land abfcncc death. 

FrAncion, Tlry company's nalc6 t'6mc mv/ir^W- 
ktdrt^ my duf^ irrtd 'my beltvtAdne^ of whom I JiCiyj 

Zct me //>; complete parts toKch fvith»tttli^h(^ 
^yfni rri/i'rwc€t joycs ^ritrdlJ the fleafng ni^^t^ . 
In thy Tweet arrrcs A*^^ thov mj hanas and face 
Let me in my kind bofom t^ee emifrdce^ 

ihejr rich ena^h ifthey thejrT.2ci\(s ^a$/j, 

Ma^lUlenA. That y6ii ffhvt '^a'p'd 'jMlietfA:\s no 
news, r would advifc you Sir ,to'mii;ry_ [lier"^ you may 
meet T^itha/*^, ami that's \rt)tretii'cn a 0trc, but Qic 
hathvow<3t:^f/?x/jfforthr'Futurc. , 

C»fma», I can ^ure thitjd b'c truc^. that (lici rcib^. 
vcd to turrfrf you 1 marry licr. 

5r4/»^i#w.- 1 thought ii liad rcmov'd all fcrup'esia-; 
thctp9inrji« rhc motion of y(3ur mentioning »//e//4^ 

'juJintJ^ Truly fir, I am very weary of this lifcp and, 
would gladly tufnjWouWyo-u let me be devoted, wholly - 
toyourrervj^c. .... 

frAwcUn^, *Tis no Height O^eftion to anCwcr^oiuch 
more to execute, fothat ypu murt pard'on mem that 
Point :^ ^- ' s 

U*jg;Mtn4\ Why thtn yo^i muft allow Tifi a ycer- 
lytrvcnuc to fOaintain her for your fclf, and ke^p her in 
hfX.)qnimiAM Eijttipsge and gAffdntry, ,,,^',: 

Cwfkami There's all the reafon in the wc^ifl^^i't^ 
' r '-•••' . . ' ' vvtiat 

wliai would not fome men f^ive for a d*ini) bit in a cor- 
ner. \\\t:f9rkidden fruit isfvfcettfi. 

Frd/icitM, Well what's your demands , whit will 
maintain »Ser from the fa^rge oineceffity , come fpcak 
out or let fd»gdAlenA dot tor you , but marry I may 

MdgddUtta. Sixty founds a year is as licde as can be 
to maintain her binejlyind buvtrj. 

Pfdruin. Well, provided flie laycs no claim's to 
marriage with me. He fettle 50 Pounds per Annam 

MdgAlenA Come ftcftrtll do't, lie be her Adviate, 
fill Dilbme wine to feal the bargain. 
~T^L Content ^111 our next days meeting. 


MRS. iMirr^ by 
whetfijne F,mk: 
l^>\ f'\rs.hii'' 


i^ 0em Additi$nAl Lift tfthe Ndmes. 

M»;. Hrn/tn in whin ■ Ma. Htnch In white 

Humt nub the )ju:i her 
h.'lij SydMfy,in //f/i>is- 

horn cmn m whtte 

HMl.C«of() ^at th<; Gl;le 

MmI. Thyrfh'r 

Unbin Ho'id arid Little i Mfr,Dr;/.4niMrrE«c( 
JohiiyinHelbvrn I ^er Thame s-i\i ret 

I Mr/. Oil ft diet fc-ldini 

Common Whores 

MKt'.Vttrher ^Bdr. 
ben wiftiMTbd. 


Mr/. Webh luer Tbsmes 

Mr/, tvaa . 

ludMiii a pjviers wife 

Mr/. Petcham a Colr- 
rteters wij: 

Mr/. Eedberit 

NeL MMddKkf 

J one Ante 

hettj Lemmin ;* Che- 
I ctpter-dtji ttea hui-btB 

Mr/, Gia 


Hca^.'s, Pyc- 
men, ice. 




John CUrl:^ in /{oKnf- 

Farmer a Foulterer 

FiKr^ft J Tiirncr 


Th. Latimer 
S^m, Peel 
Crcric Dsrlf 
T}}nm. Clark 
Pimt. Udfm 


Aoothcf Additional Lift. 

Cr*ft) AdlaJ/. 

OLi Band Fotbcfingham 
in CoMT ItQc 
Mn. Popcia Petty France 
Mrs. Redmae ac Co.\>crols 
M^ Amcf 
Mil. LoTcl, m Pitiidgc Aiiey 

Mother DtAid. 
Gridiron ta Setcoat LiM 
Horfeihooe ia Bcedk Uoc. 
Mrs. Treeljr io Bloomtbury. 

JAne Cunpiofl JD HoUowd 
Court in Y^te-cbappel 
Nan. Jooct.a pockcv wii«rc 

Nao. Fan, an Oyftcr wcncb 
Mn. Wtiieo, &n OriBge- 

Mai. TboBii 
Orange Nan 
Grace Coll 

Mr».Waltcn,m Sc Katkerwci 

Mrt . Popei Dajgktcn 

Mil.GumrDer, in ScwoalLane, 

Franck Hancock 

Mrs. Simpkifls 

Mrs. Sadler 

Mn. Ei^kk 

Mai. Bennet, a PaYicnmftin 

Cock laoc 
Nan. Creek to Sacoal Laat 
Mai Marufl 
Mrs. Worfter 
Mrs. Jane, and Mrs. Loaft^ 

longing to Mrs.Trcelf 

NIcoIh ia Thamcf ftreet, 
Sweetmin, aSpamw^ 
Mafoa, tbe Lobfter 
r«n. Holly 
Nich. Piu.a SoUicieoiia littlt 

Tt«,W— iT — 


rf mrtunn^ WPOrC* 


Another LiJI of Crafty Bawds, Maiden fellers, Com- 

■onWhorw, Night walkers, Pic.-pockew, Windcrcrt 

$hop«Liftcri, Foy leri, Kidntppcri,Otcoyi,Heaor*,Piaipi 

and Titppawrijind their ufual Mectingf. 
Cnfty Biwdl \Pimf Itfcs wife 9in Huifns 

7 ft. WutttrinrhuMf' tfuika. im HSm^aUb 

? ft, ¥t$t€nnihtm 

VkslUf»n,h H9T\.lhto- 

Mu Fmkf i« Fifffr-Uu 

by OfJfV-iH 

Bcttj Fdmtr.lUfUirds 

WiftMiSAViffi If^hh 

'iimf AlUnt , mf% , i: 

B^x<ii Mil. Wd/jlJfriiK^lMwfccf BaUr 

'Md. Lec$ 
Mft. Sfne. 
Mri. C-efwd 
Mrx. Gdrrijfb 
Hfx. Hthbtfjtr 

Mtbtr Btia 
Sm. LtmmtM 
t4t$. trbftjlm 

Mttttr Lnk^ 

EUin. Htrtb,in CrtftUnc^Mrs. ftits 
Abigiil UttUfH [Mrs Sdmn 

Cuvtntr^ in Mitrefitlit iFirghUifitiiigHHdilfpey 
MiiT«/vfl' Icww. wbiic-ffft-lhtct 

^minctMiifteri Hri OsbtiigtAtdUm 

fyin(t$C»Umn Htt{ilabtf<l 

M.U\ihtib hcrbtr^mt t rijMfi ll^Jkr , rbma\in 


Grdu HtlUtii 
H*n Htncttk. 
Fnnttt Si»ii ■ ^*igti 
HaffinCkt[f l-iirect 

^cmw MiStrvittti 

B99tbi bj H«4^ '^ 
Mtt Stiff 
Mrs riilfftnvj 
Mn Htrtifta 

9totb«r Cuntif 
Tb€ Qttitj aarieu 
HlMiSwrn, M St, Mir- 
Mft Bm{i, UiU-tut 
HiMM Hid^jna, Ikmi 

MMfgtrti L«e(ft 
Mtrgtrj lynfn 
Mrs P*gt»OU-ltH0t 

Hmtkfnt, V^lfiFisiht 
it tbt jlrmttgt 

Alkt Hulburt 
Mn Burpt 
Mn tfOkfimi 

MrsLawttny byHSttm 

Mil LUgw 

Mrs SUUr 

Mtt Cihbini 


>lrs 7)4viti 4 Miwifk 

\Mn Deimi^ 

H^iggint,iHCbc(qutr*lt}Tbr4« uittr-itivu in 
in wbitt'trtfs.firtti Crub-ftmt 

Crttn Ltttin Vib «/- \sbif, i a iMg AUj tuatifklu I tvc 

Mrt Ciesb4W , in tbt m-^ Am \Mn Wtnibt 

ttritf ^Mtf B€rbtr,iMil0iftAtrt Kobtru 

Mrt Eitn J Mtidtti'*'tJi- in Holbtrn Mr, Smmoni 

{<Utr $n tbf Dihb-^dt Hrs H^tnriJu Unmhu'set I twrtnft 
mrH»g\ii» I In-fiiU [Afri ^f(^br/f 


W Hnifif f*^'^' ^'^ f vfen.prtci The Li/? itd Lycn , h 

NM.BtnHt MnLpck/cr ., E»lU{mkhftild. 

Mils Muwitl k«tt^fbr<cHinEvint ^rs.^t^tiert 

B4Hdr-bwfauJi9i*»d^"^'>fei '« Cr»p-lMc ur/. Kwf 

VifstUm^in Mrs Fi.l<fr'*g mrii^<mff(r 

Common Whores, Night-walkeri Pick pock; ti, Wanderers,- 
Shop Lifccr$,aD<i Whip^^i. 

Hi* l*9£(in 
Mr< '2b^nix, wmr 

Mrs Firmer 
Bcttj Cater, junitr 
Beft Cox^MeLrtitb- 

wdt , Amj B«t/er, 

tkbtud H^hman 
Tbt. LdM^'tmbb' 
Nm LUjeriSint' 



^ne H«rte»ft\iMS 

KtUtu Tmeb 

Mirgtt 7{fid 

NtH. iViUimt in 

mtrgct GtidtKl 
^riitl Confcrcnci 

alias (fW 
N« StMlty 
mrs DcbbcnbM, mn. 


br^in'd mbtra 
mrt Smitb , a ^Uk: 



mrs Ives 

mrs HoUiiti 

mvs Icitice 

mri JVells 

Btttj H)ie 

mrtElmiik, ■ 


Peg the Sumitt wife J^ 
mrs C>»ib90(f 

7{itih shtrt in m^rtiae 

m4l CrumweliiiiiHjf-tm 

N« hoi Mon 

Pentlefe mMtU alias Fit- 


Tbemxin Cebb, alias Diy 

Sdn Sticj 

^iht Ptvtel 

Mrs "Hjiding 

'Bittj Edwifds 

Bittj HtUj 

M4, fiun I 

WetiltNM I 

Mu Avoff 
ESbtr pitk 
Nn Live 
Mrs. WiTTcti 
NtU GMllifoTi 
Sarth er Ntn FaiUm 
tsitb C^*** 

Mrt. CfiTtu 
Btttj L4»irt$H 

Mr,. ^hAfUjtbtjugtf 
Mr- Smib 
J^An,. iiimfori 

Mrs. Tdv^fntf 

(Mrs.a:nniH ': 

^'S Bcify 


Msllcb^HJt^ . .. 

Mill H$M 

:Mdi HtT^iii . 

Mill Sivtrj 
"icg miUmt 
I Alice Sfilm€$ 
V^jLtt Hurt 
Mill TrcmiiM 
Mrs. H''cfiover , Bind. 
firiMg-ftllertttbe Officii 
in Cbianurj-Unc 

Han Bret 
^ittj iVhiH 
Betty itrnur 
Mirgtrj HiiU 
Jitie 7)ix9n 
CMill Peii 
Sirah Mirtin 
Ntn GU{iKi 
Mrt Hotur 



Mn Mitt 

Bi], (j*Tt%g 

A ri. Diamtni 

Mil guy '" 

Btit] t9»fcr^i 

Mtf Awki * 
Hinif\ut ,, 
Bctij B«m/ ' 
Beti) Eton 


Blj^^ifry '; - 


Mn Live 
Mt$ L»U 

^tfs 2 urn 


Mil C<*f*r4^ 
Mil BfU 
Mn }Vfti ' 
Mil \f(t 


inut$ wift npbtrtiitcb 
'Atrt StfsH/ 4mU Bkft, 

Mrs Buii Dughiert 
\Mn Bturn tinUm mj 
Mtf Tiff it 
Sbsrii wift M DMuhi- 

Mrs Mull kjiU Cm 

tin Plsj-bmft 
Sh t'tiit 

^nt rb9rt4t SmlagmB^mv^ 

.yirt I ■■iiMi frwmw' 
fntnl(^Kigu alias Kthh- 

Ecttj H^ilf$n ( . . ■ - 
— -^/^v. • •• - 



ii^ Or . - •. • 
hffUgt wife saucT4iCt%^ 

' \ 

t*^g» itMat wift 
M I HitjH^. •^bitfm 
I It^fiA Ctmft4Pt 
Mr iwttimm 
L»Mg4)iiTi MtiSf€Ktt 
' iuSftiiUt-feUt 
Mn tytmbt Qfwklimi 
MiO Rtfe 
Nil f.*lb 
Betty l{niiht 

St* Bf^bwtk 
BtmtruM tht 

tril AUniti ^ .. .._^ 

Mrs Tnnf.ut alJU M4. Ftir Hj(mmU 
Ktbitftn Sug.r-C'^ AmfUm 

Pimf HtiJmdt fttksy WiUatr & nigbt-wd- 

Mti Sfictt, U Mtkk Im , Mri Dthun 
aliasBr>i^< ?<gH«ifiHi 

Mrs Lr-mJng Sm Sttflmu 

Mi Cm in Btffl tm Strth ^Ui«t 
IMnBtujly MrtV''t 

|ri«»orj :^i&irktUr fU. Mrs JLvfd 

iTilkii , i wttvri iKifcMrs Ditkiifn" ' ' '" firi • bimM 
it fmnk ^tj-ad If 4M<7/i|:<i aliasl(/kn/ M-i t^t*g i S\ 
Mfi Viwo ^ruk.Evitt 


1^ TbeW^niringvphore^ 

FoykniCd-iappers, Decoys, Hectors, Pimps and 



Hid ^v0ii > Fittr 

Shtf-Lffiin tad fcjurs, 
rtrnf Sk^lmm ib« a- 

Ah LmgJtH,wbt 

Jti^jMiUtr^ TmXh9r%- 


WU. Ttvtmtf 
Omit C^k 

H»tt$Uad.tgTut(^at t4tlinnm 


mi Ndjh. 
Md*. atiiditm 
FrsBk ^fi^ira 

t^'tt. guUiftrd 
cmtTt T{fi*it-fUUr 
T>ick d4 Liae 

ti»m TbmHf 

Wa. suhtm, 



Vmf skifwhb, 
Htd hmks 
Trttj 4 hklvr 
BrMni $ ChfTafghn 


Lit tie Tiff 

fmetdt Jh^fird 

tf'hcb tbt K4iicr 
fdik,B€fry,^ f«<t 
Fmp Hnwd 
Fisr Rtfmmdtfim^ 

KidHUtkr, 4 Ik 
Cmktd4i»t tt <tf 

Ttmp Gkvtr 

futk Gtuld 

X4i;» t/llkkigtm, aliaa 


H^tUsUUr ^ 
rb$. HtjwmA 
C — ^tiksm 


ISBN: 904617 07 6